Neo Z-wave Light Switch EU-2 compatibility

Hi friends,

Do you know if it works with Smarthings?

Yes, it works with SmartThings.

Hi Hongtat,

I paired 2 of these 2-gang switches to my hub. Tnx for the DH.

Grtn Ben

How to make it enter pairing mode?

I cant add it. I press 3 times, then flash 5 times red and goes back to pink.

Seller confirming its 908.4 z-wave, but how I double check ?

Hi Sultan,

Do you know which version of the switch and the SmartThings hub you have. Where is the SmartThings hub bought?

Their are different frequencies for USA and Europe.

Hold the switch for 10 seconds to reset it.

Wait 30 seconds, put the hub in paring mode and tap 3 times fast on the Switch. Then it should pair.

Grtn Ben

I bought my hub from so it use 908.4 frequency.

When I bought it I was dont know about different z wave at that time and since I need it to control one room, I kept it

But I live in area where standard 868.4

So I request custom wall switch using EU design & 908.4 frequency.

But I could not pair it. That why I ask if I can check frequency.

I will check the steps you provide it.

Only with the proper tools (spectrum analyzer eg) you can verify the real frequency your new switch uses.

You have connected Live & Neutral wires to the switch?

The distance between hub & switch is not too far (5 metres)?

For testing purposes I sometimes connect the device with a powercord to a nearby power outlet next to the hub.

I hope that the seller of the switch tells the truth: EU size & US frequency.

Last week I received a Z-wave / WiFi wall switch from Banggood. It was not Z-Wave, only wifi, couldn’t pair it with the SmartThings. Example of wrong seller info.

Grtn Ben

Hallo Sultan, I have an uninstalled here.

I looked at the box, only the text US 908,4MHz & EU 908,4MHz.

On the side of the box is a drawing with the 4 different options: US 1 & 2 gang, EU 1 & 2 gang.

The EU 2-gang switch is in the box and that is marked on the box with a markerpen.

The switch on the outside has no information about the Z-wave frequency.

I opened the switch by removing the front cover. You see the printed circuit board with all the electronics.

On 1 IC is a placard. On that placard is written 868MHz. So take a close look inside your switch! In the picture it is on the lower right corner.

Grtn Ben !

Thanks for your input, it seem not easy way to find out,

I will check with seller then

Hoi Sultan, the easy way is looking for the placard on the pcb. The frontcover is removed with a click.

Please check for me what is written on it.

Grtn Ben

Here I opened an installed and working switch. You don’t have to remove or disconnect it. If you’re not sure, switch off your mains power to work safely.

Underneath the switch is a gap to open the switch by lifting the frontcover.

It also says 868 MHz.

One picture with and one without flash.

thank you for the support and explain and sorry for late reply

Hi @salkaabi1000,

How did the story end?

Did you get the right Zwave switch or other solution?

Grtn Ben


I communicate with the seller and he resent the correct zwave device


which seller agreed to do it for you?
because that is exactly what I need to buy since I live in Saudi Arabia and I bought everything from US and my frequency is US based

also mention the costs if possible

if anybody knows
does the company have dimmers, 3-gang switches, or 2-way switches ?

any seller can do it for you on aliexpress you just need to mention it on your order.

last time I was ordering from Ihomecam official store in aliexpress. you just need to mention model and frequency as notice to the seller, also better to get confirmation before you place the order by contacting the seller.

Thanks alot.

order placed