Compatible touch panel light switches or dimmers

Does anyone have experience with, or has become aware of, any wireless touch panels that work here in the US. I have seen some great ones from Wulian who had presence at CES this year, Livolo, etc., but nothing that really stands out here in US. We are getting ready to start building a new house and would like to use some of these.

For just one action or multiple keys?

Aeotec has one right now that works with a wired relay switch, but they’ve announced one in a few months that will be wireless (battery operated). Capacitive touch.

This is the current model (you have to also buy the micro relay). Wireless is the same form factor, choice of white or black.

These also work with the aeon dimmer modules.
I have one of these in a spare bedroom, couldn’t do the full house due to the single gang limitation.
FYI, Aeon’s pictures are not current production, these are not glass and brushed aluminum as the pictures would suggest.
They are chromed plastic, but they are also only $14 bucks…

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The Aeotec newsletter has said the second generation due out later this year will be the glass/aluminum and will come in multiple formats, including multigang, but we’ll have to see what really arrives to market.

This is great to know. It just seems like a huge miss in our market. I must admit that the Livolo are the most aesthetically pleasing in my opinion. But without some sort of built-in wireless protocol it is just not all too feasible.

Does Livolo work with ST?

I have built a 2 gangs for aeon’s panel. It uses single gang flush mount and are soldered with bolts and washers to the exact gap.


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any luck integrating these with ST? are they worth it? I wouldn’t mind going this direction with all my switches.

Hi, I’m looking for a compatible in wall on/off/dimmer switch that can be used in Europe, this is, that can stand 220V. I found 2 possible ones but I would like to know if they can be connected and controled with the SmartThings hub:

Any help please?

Unfortunately, both of those are the wrong frequency. Do you see where it says 433.92MHz ? That is not compatible with smartthings.

Your best bet for smartthings compatibility is one that is a certified Z wave device on the EU frequency. The problem is that the ones that are more than a single gang will probably require custom code.

@csc has been using some of a similar style and may be able to say more.

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Thank you JDROberts, your answer helps a lot!
Could you please add wich is the correct frequency I should be looking for instead of 433.92MHz?
Just in case I find one that has the compatible frequency or can’t find any z-wave device.

@JDRoberts, the Livolo link is wifi:

In that case isn’t it possible to connect to the hub?

Hi yall, I finally got a straight answer. I tryed asking ST customer support and they confirmed all the official options for me question. Here goes the transcipt of the contact:

Hello, I’m thinking of buying a SmartThings Hub, but I’m not able to find a in-wall Light Dimmer Switch that is compatible with the Hub
and has European standard Power Voltage (220V).
In the community forums there are several posts with the same question and no good answer!
Could you please confirm if there is any in-wall Light Dimmer Switch with european standard voltage (220V)
that is compatible with the SmartThings Hub? Thank you, Carlos Silva

Welcome to SmartThings Customer Support
Hi Carlos, you’re through to SmartThings
One moment while I read your enquiries

Hi Tanya
ok, thanks

I certainly can! One moment :slight_smile:
Aeotec Micro Dimmer (DSC27103-ZWEU)
Aeotec Micro Smart Dimmer 2E (DSC19103-ZWEU)
And the Fibaro Universal dimmer
(Fibaro FGD-212)
Though the last one works better with custom code
I hope this helps!

Ok, yes this does help a lot :slight_smile:

All of those are in wall modules. Not the switch itself. I’m not sure if that was what you were looking for or not.

Thanks @JDRoberts, but apparently for Europe voltages and frequency, these are the only official options listed as compatible with the ST hub.

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Have you seen the Neo CoolCam wall switch Z-Wave?

There is an EU version, 1- & 2-gang.

You need to have Line and Neutral wire at the switch.

Link Neo CoolCam wall switch Z-Wave

FAQ switches with Smartthings

They work with Smartthings, I have 2 of them.

Vendor: Neo CoolCam wall switch Z-Wave

Grtn Ben