[RELEASE] My Ecobee Device V4 with thermostat multi-tile UI (pictures below)

yes. I’ve got some multisensors being delivered tomorrow that I want to use with Ecobee. Once I get them installed then I’ll try your code.


Purchased your device code. Installed the device handlers and smartapps for the thermostats and ecobee sensors. All looks good so far. I still don’t see were I can add my Multisensor6 as a temperature and motion for the Ecobee. Please point me to that.

Hi @Jack_R,

You can use your Aeon Gen6 with the following smartapps:

  1. ecobeeResumeProg - to detect if there is motion in the house for resuming the current program

  2. MonitorAndSetEcobeeTemp - to average out the temp based on multiple temp/motion sensors in a house and adjusts the setpoints accordingly

  3. you can also use your Aeon Gen6 in my zoned Heating/Cooling smartapps (available at my store) to
    do a room by room configuration in order to create virtual/physical zones in your home.


If you have further questions, please send them to services@maisonsecomatiq.com as it’s easier for me to
respond to user requests via gmail conversations.

Hi Yves, I’m still waiting for the links to be sent to my email for the updated code. (third request)


Today, I made some changes to MonitorAndSetEcobeeTemp for the benefits of all My Ecobee contributors.

See this thread for more details:


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Today, I made some changes to MonitorAndSetHumidity for the benefits of all My Ecobee contributors.

See this thread for more details:


@yvesracine I’m on a nest thinking of moving to ecobee for the remote sensor capabilities. Can your smart app utilize existing motion with temp as remote sensors for ecobee? Like to average out the temperature in a room that may got warmer than where the ecobee thermostat is located? Also, do you recommend using the ecobee sensors or are zwave ones alright? Thanks!

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The ecobee3 remote sensors’ temp capability is good, but not for motion.

I’d recommend the Iris Motion/temp sensors (2nd gen, purple box) over the ecobee3’s proprietary remote sensors if you want to use both motion & temp for adjusting your thermostat’s setpoints and setting your thermostat to away or present.

If you’re planning to use smart vents later, I have also coded
many Zoned Heating/Cooling solutions that can leverage any remote Temp/Motion sensors (such as the Iris Motion/Temp Sensors).

And, as stated at the top of this thread, I have coded many smartapps that can use any ST connected sensors and reproduce the ecobee’s follow me & smart away features (but with faster response times).


@yvesracine how exactly does your smartapp treat the remote sensors data.

  • Does it take a average across all the rooms temp and then create a set point for the ecobee?
  • Can you use data from motion in the room and if no motion take that temp reading out of the calculation?

I’m trying to understand all the options the remote sensor data can provide.

I’m finding that my current setup with the nest and the nest manager 2.0 smart app they have no way to utilize the remote sensor temp data alongside the nest’s native scheduler. How does your smart app function in this scenario? Obviously ecobee has its own native scheduler so how does your smart app along with remote sensor data work with the ecobee native scheduler?

Make sense? Thanks! :grin:

Eh @shmookles,

I took some time to give you some answers so that you make the right decision to switch to ecobee, not to pressure another developer to do the same logic with the Nest…

@yvesracine I meant no disrespect. Quite the contrary, what you have made here is awesome.

Unfortunately, I already own 2 nest’s so the obvious preference is to not spend any more money on new ecobees if i can achieve the same end result. However, it seems that ecobees have better support with ST so I’m trying to make sure I get all my questions answer before really going down a different path.

I really appreciate you providing a thorough response to my questions and I spent the last 2 hours reading over all your suggest wiki details for your smartapps.

I am still a bit unclear about one thing. Assuming I move to ecobee and pardon my ignorance as I have no experience with ecobee since I am a current nest user. Will your smartapp work in conjunction with the native ecobee scheduler? Like once I setup a new ecobee will it learn my habits and configure a schedule for me? Then using your smartapp, will it be able to use the remote sensor data to equalize the temp in those rooms and work in conjunction to the ecobee native schedule?

Sorry, I do not have time to answer all your questions. My development time is limited
and I have a full time job and a family…

@yvesracine no problem then and I completely understand. This is all a part time hobby for all of us.

If you do get the time to come back to this question at any time in the future I would greatly appreciate it. If it does solve my use case I will have no issues migrating to ecobee and purchasing your code. But without concrete answers I am reluctant proceed further down this path as my time is limited as well and I cannot afford to go down a path that will not yield the result I am seeking.

All the answers are already posted at the ST community wiki. It’s pretty much explained in details.

Good luck with the Nest!

@yvesracine I will go ahead and end things here as I respect the work you have done and really have no desire to go down a rathole. I also understand that time is money and everyone here is busy. However, you are charging a premium for your apps and for good reason, but you certainly can’t get angry with individuals asking questions and for clarity around a specific topic. Something that is clear to you is obviously not clear to me, otherwise I would not be wasting my time bugging you for additional clarity. Perhaps I am misinterpreting your tone here and if I am I apologize, but it almost seems as if you are annoyed or frustrated with me for asking. Isn’t this forum the whole point of being able to communicate on such topics?

As I wrote earlier, all the basic info you’re asking is at the ST community wiki. I have more than 550 contributors and counting, so that’s why I created the community wiki entries. I will not answer with the same basic info over and over again.

And, you know why I will not answer further questions from you as you’re using my answers to put pressure on another developer to implement the same logic…And, you keep doing it… I can see it the other thread

P.S. If you really wanted to buy my solutions, you’d buy ScheduleTstatZones which works with Nest and has the same logic. I have several contributors who use my smartapp with the Nest. No, you want another developer to do it for free.

This is definitely not cool for all parties involved.

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@yvesracine all I did was link your post to the nest forum further clarifying what use case I was working toward. I spent quite some time going back and forth with them on that side and they could not understand what I was trying to accomplish. I used your post to show them it has been done. I in no way pressured them and if you go back to the nest manager smart app thread you would see the dialogue is a nice and healthy one. Look perhaps you completely misunderstood my intent here, but if I was trying to keep this a secret I would not have tagged your handle in my post in their forum. Either way I apologize if I rubbed you the wrong way and in all honesty when I began asking you questions it was because I had already made the conscience decision that I would likely have to move to the ecobee with your smart app to accomplish my use case. I was simply making a last ditch effort to save me some time with my family to see if there was quick fix with my current nest. You being a father like me can certainly understand that swapping out thermostats and getting all this programming is not a quick effort and i was attempting to make the most of my time and money.

Hopefully, if I do go down the ecobee path and purchase your smart app that you will not hold it against me and at least continue to have constructive relationship in case I have questions or need some assistance.

@yvesracine this has nothing to do with me wanting free code from someone and a measly $20 dollars for your code. If you truly think this than you are missing the point, I had no idea that ScheduleTstatZones would work for me with nest until you just mentioned it. I honestly cannot believe you think I am trying to save $20 while considering purchasing 2x new $250 ecobee thermostats along with your code and 4 motion/temp sensors. In addition, the time that i would have to wait for another developer to finish this?

Let me make this clear… I am looking for a solution to my use case, preferably with nest but possibly with ecobee. However, I am clearly spending more time not getting answers from you.

Do you even hear yourself?

@yvesracine if you can somehow better explain how ScheduleTstatZones will work in my current setup and make me feel like Im getting what I need I will gladly purchase your code.

@shmookles, you cannot keep saying one thing in one thread ( I want to switch to ecobee), and a complete opposite thing in another (please develop this logic as I want to keep my nests). …

Case closed. Stick with Nest and move on.

@yvesracine this community is in place specifically to learn about new options and to find solutions for use cases we all have with home automation. You seem to have one intent and that’s to sling your code and if someone is not directly following your suggestion and trying to learn and come to their own realization and understanding you seem to discount them and tell them to bugger off. It you obviously need to read my posts in the other thread again because your suggestions of what I’m doing are completely false.

If you truly cared about the community, you would participate in constructive dialogue and help me come to the correct conclusion not try to discredit me because I’m considering all options. Especially call me out on trying to save a measly $20 on your code.