[RELEASE] Lennox iComfort Thermostat

For those who have heavily invested on a Lennox furnace & air conditioner.


  1. Load iComfort Service Manager in SmartApp section
  2. Load iComfort Thermostat in SmartDevice section
  3. Publish all of the above
  4. In your mobile app, tap the “+”, go to “My Apps”, furnish your log in details, and a list of devices will be available for you to pick

I’ve only tested this with a single zone. Let me know if anyone out there using ComfortSync by AirEase is interested on a device type, I think I can easily port it.

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Nice! My parents have this thermostat and I was planning on getting them going soon and was expecting to have to integrate myself. I will absolutely give this a try in a little bit.


This is amazing. As luck would have it, I also have an iComfort thermostat. I just installed your app and it works great!

Any chance you could do something similar for Carrier Infinity / Bryant Evolution thermostats?

Sorry, I don’t have a Carrier Infinity thermostat. If I personally own a system like that I would write a device type for it.

I have a two-zone system, and it works as expected. Thanks!

Great to hear that it’s working!

Just got this up and I am able to pull some info out for instance humidity comes up but not temperature or mode. Looking to see if you have any ideas suggestions or ideas on trouble shooting this. Thanks for the work on this though, I am currently using your MyQ code with no issues.

What does it display in the [logs][1] ?

When I click on live logging nothing is showing up however when I go to the “My Devices” screen it sees the device and the current status displays properly. I might have been unclear where I was not seeing the data. When I look at the smart things app on my phone it does not show the temp/mode only the humidity shows properly.

So, you are seeing this in the “My Devices” section

but not seeing this in your phone app?

What phone are you using?

Wow I’m very happy to read this thread. I was forced to give up my Nest in the summer when replacing my furnace and air conditioner as the new units required the iComfort thermostat. I pretty much had zero hope Smartthings would ever control this thermostat as it appeared to be a closed system with no API. I’ll try this out tonight.

Thank you for taking the time to develop this!


Correct in the “my device” that is what I am showing, still a new users or I would upload screen caps as well. On the app side the green circle that you have (its dark blue for me) has “–” and the high/low temp have “–” as well. The mode, status, program state are working as though. Could this be because I am running mine in Manual mode vs Program mode? For a phone I have a Nexus 4 running Cyanogenmod 11 (Android 4.4.4). I can check my wifes phone when I get home, she has a Nexus 4 as well but running Stock Lollipop.

Manual mode would show like this:

I think you may have some issue with your app on Android. Could you contact support@smartthings.com to verify? I have only tested this in an iPhone so far. I would expect this to work similarly across all platform like Android’s.

@copyninja I am having the same problem as @jsievert . I am using a Nexus 5 running Lollipop 5.0.2. You suggest contacting Smartthings about their app, but what exactly should we be getting them to verify?

Hi Jason,
I really appriciate your work on this, this is the reason i switched from vera to smartthinga, but when i added the codes, i can use it to control my icomfort completely but when i use my android app, except the humidity everthing else is empty and i can not do anthing. Is there anything that might help me to use it on my android phone?

still looking into it. iPhone and Windows Phone worked fine. I don’t own an Android phone so it’s a bit hard for me to test

I really appreciate your work, and I would like to help you on that, let me know if I can do anything, like sending you screenshots or logfiles if any. or anything that can help you on this.
By the way I believe it is just the interface glitch for interface, because when I click on activity feed button in the android app, it will shows all the actions that has been done, like temperature change that I do from the thermostat or iphone app.


Anyway to use the Away mode or is this the off mode? Would like to have it switch to away mode every time i leave the house and go back to auto when i return.

This feature has been requested and I’m looking into it.

Great job with the app Jason, I installed it without any problems and it reads my system. However it does not show the temperatures correctly on my system. I have 4 zones and it shows all them at 71* when some are not. It also always shows the set points at 67/76 when they are different on my side. I can change them with the app and they do change on the system side. When I close out the app, all the temps on the app go back to the 67/76. Do you think its because if the zoning? I forgot to mention that Im a Lennox Dealer. Our yearly dealer meeting is coming up in 2 weeks and I was told that they are revamping the comfort systems with more integration with other home items.

I just noticed that it is mirroring all zone temperatures to my BASEMENT zone. I can pick each zone and change its temp, but it will revert back to the BASEMENT zone to show its temps.