Integrating Lennox S-30 Thermostat

Is there a way to integrate the Lennox S-30 thermostat into SmartThings?

Unfortunately no. Been asked about for years but it has a different API

Search “s30” in this thread.

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This is not what I was hoping for. I have a Honeywell working great, but now that my heating and AC are being updated on Tuesday and I have to use the S30, I am at a loss. Any ideas?

Have them install an Ecobee or your preferred smart thermostat. The Lennox branded stat isn’t required according to a tech at my HVAC company. They just have to change something on the control board to make it work with something else. YMMV this information was told to me 4 years ago when I got mine installed.

Yes, I can do that! But according to my service contract, it has to be all Lennox. After my service contract is up in a few years, I can go that way. My service contract includes all parts and labor, and yearly tune ups in summer and winter for five years. I prepaid this before my AC and furnace failed a week ago.