Official Support for Lennox Thermostats

I have a Lennox HVAC system that only works with the Lennox iComfort Thermostat.
I can’t use a Nest, Ecobee, etc.

Can the Lennox Thermostats be added as an officially supported device?
I see the community developed code to support the iComfort, but it doesn’t work any more.

I havemy Lennox iComfort working. I am traveling right now so I can’t look up what I am using.

which app are you using?

The app is called iComfort. My goal is to leverage the SmartThings motion sensors to turn the HVAC on or off.

Which SmartThings app? There is SmartThings Classic and SmartThings (Samsung Connect). Classic has a single circle for an icon and STSC has 6 circles as an icon.

I didn’t realize there is multiple apps.

Mine has a single ring, so I guess that is classic. What’s the difference in the two?

Classic is the older one, but the only one that works with custom device handlers right now. So that’s the one you want.

Is there a way to submit a formal request to Samsung to add iComfort as an officially supported device?

You can email them or leave an app store. Generally the way they operate now is directly with the hardware provider, so it may also help to email Lennox your request.

They recently added homekit support - here’s to hoping they’ll come to ST next.

Coming back to revive this old thread with an update that might help someone. I have this same thermostat but had replaced it with an ecobee only to find out that I had to put it back to have it work in AC mode in the summer.

So I went back to find a way to automate it within SmartThings. I am pleased to report that I found a way using a HomeKit workaround. This would work equally well with a Google Home unit I think. The workaround is to add iComfort to HomeKit which is natively supported. Then I placed an echo dot next to a Sonos speaker in my basement. Within WebCore I then send text to voice commands to that Sonos speaker saying “Alexa, set thermostat to 68” within automations.

I know it sounds clunky but it works.