[RELEASE] Konnected 2.2.0 - Konnected Alarm Panel now in stock! wired alarm system integration


(Bragg2012) #21

Any update on this Nate? I’m also looking to preserve my current wired alarm and keypads etc but have the ability to report their state in smart-things and arm/disarm remotely etc.

(Nate Clark) #22

It’s in manufacturing now. Should be going on sale for pre-order soon and will ship before Xmas.

This new board will allow you to report sensor state in SmartThings, but will not directly allow you to arm/disarm remotely. Remote control can be accomplished in some cases if your panel allows for a programmable keyswitch inputs by using a relay module attached to the Konnected board.

(Bragg2012) #23

Cool - sounds ace. Is there a mailing list I can sign up to for updates?


I’m excited for this. I hope to create new rules, such as turn on back porch lights when the back door is opened. Also, I’m hoping to use the motion sensor in my living room to turn on the living room light if motion is detected past a certain hour. I’m not too crazy about remote arming/disarming my alarm system.

(Nate Clark) #25

Yes, this is exactly the functionality that it’s designed for. It should work perfectly for this.


Hello Nate,

I visited your github last night and downloaded everything for Hubitat including the Noonlight app. I moved all my system back to Konnected today, I was using Hubduino for Hubitat.

About Noonlight, are you going to release this officially for Hubitat? I see everything works but no token yet.


(McComms IT Solutions) #27

Konnected now available for pre order in SOUTH AFRICA.
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