Issue with adding generic camera to smartthings

i used this code/guide to try and add the smartapp to my online smartthings portal- i couldn’t add it- kept getting the error when i tried adding from code and i even tried 'fork’ing the github code to my public space but i can’t see it in the list.

any help is appreciated.

Update: i finally got the github integration to work- i guess i had to wrong repo name.

however, after following all the steps, the camera won’t show up in my things list.

I think you may have got your device handler and SmartApp code mixed up.

It reads like device handler code installed as a smartapp, or perhaps vice versa

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How would i go about fixing it?

Easy, take that code and create a new DTH. Be warned though that the new ST App won’t probably work with it, plus the developer is no longer supporting that code.

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