Generic Video Ip Camera in the new app? Is it possible?


I used in the old app a generic video camera that worked great but since we are all making transition to the new app I have some question about making generic cameras work in the new app.

Pstuart was the guy I got smartapp from and made generic camera in the old app. This is his github.

So now I’m wondering if anyone had a solution how to put my Ip camera in new smartthings and have live streaming?
I tried using the same device handler(the one that Pstuart made for the old app) but in the new app it shows just like a virtual switch.

Thank you!

Not at the moment. No generic camera features are supported in the new app. Only the official DHs has working camera capabilities.

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Like Gabor said, only official cams in the new app. And the possibility of community camera devices in the new app isn’t looking good due to security provisions with hub to LAN communication.

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What do you mean?

I haven’ seen any docs on the new dev site around integrating devices over LAN.

Supposed there’s a new video architecture in the works. Still awaiting details on it.