360 smart camera

i recently purchased 360 smart camera and i love it and the app works well. since i have smartthings hub controlling everything. i was wondering if there is a way i can integrate this camera with the hub.

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@pstuart made a couple device handlers for generic IP cameras. You can check those out and see if they work for you.

There are 360 camera that comes with apps in which you can update. That makes it reasonable to buy one.

Just purchased one of these also. I was able to import the generic video camera device type, and smartthigns shows it online but no video is displayed… Nmap port scan shows port 80 open, anyone had luck with this camera? It was an awesome purchase at 30 bucks, bt would like to use it with smartthings instead of its own proprietary app…

any luck? i havent been able to get anywhere! to be honest i havent done anything as i got busy!