[RELEASE] Fibaro RGBW Controller (FGRGBWM-441) - Advanced DTH

Hi everyone, my first post in the community (I have just migrated from Vera to SmartThings).

Firstly, a big thank you to zcapr17 for this Fibaro RGBW Controller device handler.

I have 2 x RGBW LED strips controlled by 2 x Fibaro RGBW Controllers and as noted above, had previously been using these with Vera with no issues.

However using the SmartThings built in device handler I could not get the brightness level (on white setting at 100%) to the level I had been able to achieve using the Vera plugin, so I thought I would check out the device handler written by zcapr17.

I found out 2 things from this:

  1. When first installed, this showed the brightness level for both Fibaro RGBW controllers at 39% which I initially thought was odd and then realised why. The built in ST device handler assumes a scale of 0-100 whereas the actual scale on the Fibaro device is 0-255 hence a value of 100 in the built in ST device handler equals 100/255 * 100 i.e. 39%. So the ST built in device handler needs changing to allow the correct maximum brightness level to be selected.

  2. Like a number of posters I wasnt able to configure any of the parameters for this advanced device handler from the mobile app (using a Samsung S8 phone) - I assume it is an issue with enums or default values but no attempt at setting all values solved the issue.

So I just used the IDE to set these by cross referencing with the code to set the required values for my 4 channel (RGBW) LED strips:


Anyway I hope this is useful.