Fibaro RGBW Controller (DTH link in post 32, police light smartapp link in post 79)


(Todd Wackford) #1

Doesn’t look to be too long before I submit to ST for release. Here’s a quick screenshot of how it looks so far.

What you see is:
On/Off for Device
Brightness for RGB
Color Picker with Color Depth (Android verison)
Warm White Brightness
Quick Toggle Color Tiles (mutually exlusive)
Standard fair (refresh, etc.)

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(Todd Wackford) #2

Video of SuperNight RGBW LED being controlled by ST. It boring, but it shows the light strip being controlled.

(Beckwith) #3

Quick toggle color tiles? Are these preset configurable and do they include the white channel?

(Todd Wackford) #4

They are preset and hard coded right now. You can’t dynamically set a tile color yet in ST.

There are actually two whites capable on this device. Warm white and cold white. Cold being all of the RGB’s on and then warm being the white channel. I’m coding it so if you are using just a RGB strip, you can still get white. If you have an RGBW you can get both whites. Make sense?

The UI is more like RGB +W which is how I think most people will use it.

(Beckwith) #5

Can you have the white and the color on at the same time? I like the resulting pastel color with the white on full while selecting the color.

(Todd Wackford) #6

Yes, the slider above the color presets acts like an independent channel. So you can set the RGB to anything you want then crank on the white LED to any level you want too.

You have one of the these, don’t you?

(Beckwith) #7


I have three of these. Can’t wait.

(Todd Wackford) #8

video is up above on the second post in this thread.

(Michael Langkilde) #9

I have the fibaro RGBW controller. Can you send me the code/instructions on how you got yours to work, please. Looks great what you have done so far!!! Or should I wait till you work on it a little more?

(Darryl) #10

The GF bought me one of these for Christmas… What is sad, is it says it was delivered to our mailbox yesterday, though not there. May have been stolen :frowning:

Well, in mean time, while working with Amazon to get it (or USPS to locate it), I now have to order some RGBW strips! :smiley:

(Todd Wackford) #11

Oh man… What a bummer.

I had my mail stolen Thanksgiving day. Haven’t figured what was taken yet. But, I’m installing a ST Multi this week and hooking to a camera out my front window. Hopefully I’ll only get a daily picture of the mail carrier.

(Todd Wackford) #12

Here’s a shopping list of what I bought to set up a LED strip:

Fibaro Controller


LED Lightstrip

DC Power Connector

RGBW LED Pig-tails

Overwhelmed! LED Lightstrips (Lightify, FLS-PP, Fibaro)?
(Darryl) #13

Thanks, I have probably a 40FT Run, which is where my issue comes in. I may be able to work with 2 16.4ft strips, with an amplifier… evaluating that at this time. Will be getting exact measurement tonight.

(Beckwith) #14

300 LED 5050 is pretty much limited to 16 feet. Otherwise you need to up it to 24 volts.

I know you can inject voltage using DMX and other controllers to extend distance but don’t think you can do this with the Fibaro. I have a couple of long runs I want to build and would prefer them on one controller so if you figure out a way to do it let us know.

(Michael Langkilde) #15

I have used this, 4 Channel RGBW Amplifier Controller For 3528 5050 RGBW W LED Strip 12V-24V 24A, to be able to add multiple 5M 300 LED 5050 to go off one controller. Works great but a hassle to have multiple power supplies every 5Ms.

(Michael Langkilde) #16

5050 RGBW RGB+Cool White 5M 300 led LED Strip flexible Light Non-waterproof has a better cool white the the waterproof one of the same thing. I have both and I prefer the Non-waterproof cool white. Plus it is cheaper.

(Todd Wackford) #17

I’m planning using my strips above my outdoor bar/kitchen hence the waterproof version for me. The one issue I do have with these strips is the adhesive didn’t even last 2 hours before falling off. I cleaned the painted aluminum surface prior to installing too. Bought the 3m stuff and it worked well.

(Michael Langkilde) #18

So the strips will be or won’t be exposed to the water even though they are above your outdoor bar/kitchen? I will be putting my under my eves of my house so they won’t be exposed to the water so I will be able to use the non-waterproof strips for the better crip colors. My solution to hold the strips to the eve is this, STM-1B Bk #A33 Saddle Cable Tie Mount # 6 screw 100 pcs, on ebay is $4.99 and then just use zip ties.

(Michael Langkilde) #19

Or these Panduit Cable Tie Mount (Lot of 140) 4-Way Screw Mount Non adhesive with zip ties. Instead of using the adhesive way I will be screwing the mounts into the eve and then using the zip ties to hold the strips to the mounts.

(Todd Wackford) #20

They are out of the direct rain, but since the humity levels will be high, I’m going with water-proof to stave off corrosion. A couple of bucks more, but hopefully worth it.