Editing device handler for addressing LEDs on RGBW strip with Fibaro RGBW

Hello everyone. Unfortunately I have no experience with programming device handlers. I wanted to ask for some help with a device handler for the Fibaro RGBW Zigbee controller.
I was only able to find one which was working on my Android phone:

However, the whites don’t seem to work very well, or rather it looks like other colors are mixed into it. My white on the RGBW strip is warm white. Actually I only want to be able to address each individual LED and set a dim level for them. I don’t get how the LEDs are addressed for the different tiles which you can select. Anyone who would be able to help me out? Thanks!

Use krlaframboise: Zooz RGBW Dimmer as device handler

Fibaro rbgw is a z wave device.

Use this custome dht and it will work just fine.


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