Release announcement on Facebook!

Just a heads up : We’re doing a reveal announcement on our SmartThings Developer’s Facebook account!

Stay tuned to find out what it will be!


You should have done the pronunciation book style countdown. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Still excited!

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I’m a little confused as to why regular Community Forum members also have to follow external social media to get SmartThings news… :confused:

Won’t this “Release Announcement” also be posted here?

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Growth. Practically everyone uses facebook. If you are on the forums, chances are you are already a customer/developer. Facebook can be used to grow the user base.


I’m still confused.

Why would I need or want to be redirected from here, the Announcements Category, to a Facebook Page with an annoying teaser countdown photo stream? Waste of a click. Seriously, why? :unamused:

OK… I get it. Click bait. And I fell for it. Easy solution for me: Unlike, Unfollow.

(Yes: I waffled on this post. I’m being direct, but nothing personal. I restored from delete when I saw a few Community members shared the sentiment. But do note: If you ask (instead of bait), then I’m actually quite happy to help promote SmartThings by circulating relevant and informative posts on Facebook, Twitter, etc… I hope you recognize that a series of “countdown” photos to a mysterious announcement, is definitely not informative. Just make the announcement on the date of the announcement. Otherwise you fuel speculation, rumors … and, eventually, disappointment.).


What the heck is Facebook ?!


I agree with @geko. What is Facebook?


Time to chime in. Ditto on no Facebook. Just for SmartThings’ demographic info.


I’ve never had a Facebook account, nor will I in the future.

@April, seriously? Do what you want on Facebook, but don’t expect us to go there to see what you have to say.


@bravenel @tgauchat While I don’t expect everyone on our community to be on Facebook, it is the most active, social medium on the internet with lots of awesome people engaging with each other and companies. We are going to post content every place that people are looking.

And there are incentives to following us on all of the different mediums because different types of people use each. On a related note, I’m excited to unveil our Snapchat page in the coming weeks.


So does that mean that you will post things on Facebook that you don’t also post here?

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What incentives?

If there’s valuable information being shared by SmartThings, I think that myself and fellow Community members expect to see it here (Announcements Category and whatnot). The problem is not with your use of somewhat redundant outlets (heck, go ahead and post on MySpace, #Slack, whatever and wherever you want), it’s with suggesting that we’ll miss something if we don’t follow “all of the different mediums” (ummm… media?).

My kerfuffle is due to seeing a link to a Facebook teaser photograph instead of an actual Announcement here in the Announcements Category. And I admit it is not a flattering term, but I think it is accurate to call this activity “click-baiting” and I feel that practice is exploitive. Whatever.


What’s next? Google+ ? :smile:


Instagram 20 20 20 20

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It sounds like he’s saying that since there are people there who will interact with ST, that they want that interaction. So this particular community would just be one of several. Cool. Stupid.

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I also don’t have a Facebook account. I also have no intention of ever creating one. I’m afraid Facebook and Co. have shown altogether far too often a complete disdain for the privacy of their users.

Whilst I’m happy to visit a Facebook page which provides me with information, I hope you don’t restrict such information to those who “like” something. Assuming that “everybody” is on Facebook is, to my mind, a misstep.


Can’t blame them though. I guess they’re just doing what they’ve been told by the marketing dept. “Get on the social media! Quick!” That’s the first thing the “experts” will tell you when asked “How do we improve growth?”. The funny thing is that it helps to grow social media more that it helps to grow businesses that use it. :smile:


T - 5.5 days 2 v2


I’m going on record as saying they are releasing an all-in-one like board with click-to-deploy from the ide. If they are wise, they are going with arduino compatible/like code as well.


That’s fine if Facebook isn’t your thing. Totally! However, I just wanted to give you a heads up that that will be the first source for ~this~ release. You’ll always see announcements here at the forums, it just won’t be the first source.

Also, you don’t need to “like” the page in order to see it. ~shrug~ I wouldn’t do that to anyone.

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