Is SmartThings development dead?

There hasn’t been a blog post in over two months regarding updates… no new devices being supported… what’s going on or does SmartThings need to streamline their communication channels with their customers? I think SmartThings really needs a person employed that just makes sure more and more devices are being supported quicker and faster… it seems like nothing is happening… Also… Isn’t it time we get official integration into windows 10 like a universal app? I need to be able to see what’s going on in my home when I’m at work and get notifications on my workstation…

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They haven’t mentioned them in the blog but they added Arlo Cameras and SkyBell among others.


Hmmmm … so i guess we have to read through the forums in order to keep up to date then :confused:

I think they are concentrating on improving robustness, quality and performance of their platform. If they promote new interfaces they probably risk a backlash from the user community to fix what is already broken.

Just my opinion.


I will share the feedback with the marketing team. In the meantime, another good place to follow news is:


Hmm, there is a marketing team? In my opinion, the development of smart things is dead and they are just trying to keep it on life support. Stability is their only priority as it seems via the only rhetoric to come out of the extremely quiet developer advocates.

I keep hope alive but the silence says way more.


I am a developer at SmartThings. There is a lot going on here with software development, so I can assure it is not dead. I also wouldn’t say that it is on “life support”. There hasn’t been a lot of new feature development so the work that has been going on might not be noticed by the community in general, but as stated above a lot of work is improving the reliability and performance of our system. For example one of issues I am working on is improving the utilization of our caches to lower the response time of our endpoints, and decrease the load on our databases.

I know that stability isn’t shiny, cool, or new. At the same time because of how intimate relationship between SmartThings users and our services it is really important that we have very low latency, and don’t have issues cropping up with smartapp execution.


Don’t forget to check the developers blog, too…


They are still more talkative than most of their competitors. And I think the atmosphere here among memebers has become pretty acidic too. Who wants to stick their head up only to be yelled at, made fun of or ridiculed. I cannot only blame them for going quiet. We are not a very welcoming crowd either.


They are still more talkative than most of their competitors. And I think the atmosphere here among memebers has become pretty acidic too. Who wants to stick their head up only to be yelled at, made fun of or ridiculed. I cannot only blame them for going quiet. We are not a very welcoming crowd either.

This resonates with me. It does seem like the community has been a little less acidic from when I joined at the beginning of this summer imo


Great feedback… but if we knew that… then this post wouldn’t exist. If the marketing team could update us at least that would be great… What would be even better… is a changelog publicly visible… I am in the market for a new wifi system and I’m considering eero… I’m watching their change log for the next 3 months, and if they continue like they currently are… then they got my business… Changelogs is valuable to some of us… consider making it public… or else… if it is posted… make it a bit more visible so I know where to navigate for it

thanks… will do that

ok so the dev blog is where the release notes are… :slight_smile: ok I’ll bookmark that… Nothing to see here… move along…

IFA came and went and not a peep about ST. That says a lot as well. Remember two years ago hub v2 was launched at IFA. Now, silence.

Where are the ces promised integrations with Samsung products? Hopefully they will launch before the end of year?

What happened to the smart frig?


The SmartThings blog is very much oriented around end-users. However, in addition to launching the Developer Blog, we gave the whole developer site an upgrade - check it out!

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Compared to this time last year SmartThings is a world better than what it was. The meltdowns are less frequent and when things do go south they are addressed in a day or two instead of the months of agony we use to suffer. It still isn’t fully trustworthy for a security system but its at least headed in the right direction.

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Really Patrick? You’ve been one of the most vocal and critical about ST BUT, you’ve always been fair and truthful about it so I listen and respect what you say…

But now you’re joining in with some of the ridiculous things people say on this community? Come on now. Yes things have gone quiet but then you know full well that the people that are the most chatty have also been concentrating very heavily on improving and god knows last time they announced a new product integration while ST was having issues the community threw a hissy fit about it, so I don’t blame them for keeping quieter at this time.

Along with @gausnes you know @Tyler is pretty vocal here/slack and as @beckwith has said, everyone seems to have glossed over the fact that they have had two recent new integration developments. Personally as much as Tyler knows I am itching for Ring integration, I would happily wait on that for more stability, consistency and speed on what we already have and at the end of the day, maybe this is the new direction under Robert Palmer.

Many half arsed integration’s or fewer complete integration’s?


Hey there is a sliver lining there. It was not an event centered around Artik, which I thought it might be the case, when I heard from Alex that ST will not be present.

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Oh GAWD NO not Marketing!!!

Seriously, the last thing I want to see are Marketing **pre-**announcements. Not that I have anything against marketers… but they often, while well meaning, will make promises that product development, engineering, and operations can’t keep.

All I want to hear are:

  1. Completed improvements.