The REFUND interface only displays USA Sates, I can not go forward in the process, any idea or walk around? THANKS !

My guess is that you will be left out in the cold. It was a USA only device so if you have it elsewhere it means you are using it in a unsupported manor.

maybe you can get a relative inside the us to apply.

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Hey there! @CarlosJ,

Affected customers have already been sent and received discount codes for the new Aeotec Smart Hub and may receive a refund determined by their purchase date and devices.

If you are needing additional information regarding refunds or discount codes, it is recommended to reach out to SmartThings Support. (Codes can only be used one-time)

Note: Your device may not be eligible for a refund, but users are still able to utilize the discount code and recycle their old devices.

I hope this message finds you well!


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If you are outside of the US, you would need to reach out to support here:

That won’t help this user, or really anybody else since the ADT dual logo model was never sold in the UK. As @Mavrrick58 mentioned, that device was US only.

This particular user is in Mexico, using a US version hub.


same situation here. It was a US device at the beginning but they began to sell it over the zone. I bought mine in Best Buy USA and was able to activate it in México…

Now I do not find the refund so they told me I cannot apply for the refund. I am thinking of turning off the wifi from my HUB and make it work locally.

Now @CarlosJ I am looking at alternatives for people who lives in México and I think the viable options are Google Nest or wait for HomeKit

I do not know if you have find other alternatives

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this is the case here. they know its a us product taken out of country.

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After some confusion and contradictory messages from Smartthings customer services its confirmed refund only applies for inside US purchase … :disappointed_relieved: