Problem adt hub claim unavailable

Hi i need help please :pensive:
My adt hub is showing this message
“Claim code unavailable”

What region (country) are you in?

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Im from Ecuador. It worked perfectly 4 months ago. today I reset it because it stopped detecting the sensors and when resetting it was updated before the configuration and the message appeared on the screen “claim code unavailable”

Please help i dont know what to do :sleepy:

Did you ever get this straightened out? I am seeing it too in the US after a factory reset.

Hi I am in Canada, and purchased a unit of Ebay. i did the factory re-set at home and getting the same message. i have tried calling Samsung but they are not able to help. I was given another number 1-855-238-7339 ADT smarthings support. i have called several times, but unable to get through. (Busy signal).


The problem is likely related to you not being in the US. The ADT Hub is only suppose to be useable in the US due to a variety of reasons. It is unlikely that either ADT or Samsung will be able to help.

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@Mavrrick58 I’m in the US and seeing it after a reset. Any ideas?

Unfortunately no. I would suggest a call or message to smartthings support

Many people in the US are having problems with their ADT panels (me included). Seems like ADT no longer wants to support them.

I have the same issue after a factory reset “Claim Code Unavailable”. I tried to call to support (No sucess), by email, only standard answers, so bad support. Unitl now no solution for this issue.

Have you checked the IDE to ensure your hub is not associated with a location. You may have to remove the device, or need Smartthings support to do it for you.

hola soy de ecuador también tengo el mismo problema lo pudiste solucionar ??

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