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Problem adt hub claim unavailable

Hi i need help please :pensive:
My adt hub is showing this message
“Claim code unavailable”

What region (country) are you in?

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Im from Ecuador. It worked perfectly 4 months ago. today I reset it because it stopped detecting the sensors and when resetting it was updated before the configuration and the message appeared on the screen “claim code unavailable”

Please help i dont know what to do :sleepy:

Did you ever get this straightened out? I am seeing it too in the US after a factory reset.

Hi I am in Canada, and purchased a unit of Ebay. i did the factory re-set at home and getting the same message. i have tried calling Samsung but they are not able to help. I was given another number 1-855-238-7339 ADT smarthings support. i have called several times, but unable to get through. (Busy signal).