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I got an EOL notification for my SmartThings hub in the app yesterday. It opened a page that said they emailed everyone in March but if you didn’t get the email (I didn’t), to contact support for a discount on the Aeotec product. Support is telling me this is no longer possible as of April, which is very frustrating because this is the first notification I’ve received about this and the message about the discount is still online and is not bound by any date. Anyone have any luck navigating this? I haven’t managed to get anywhere with their support.

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The exact thing has happened to me. I was shocked when I updated my iOS app and there was a notice saying my SmartThings Link was ending. Why am I getting a notice AFTER the promotional discount deadline and only in the new iOS App version? So disappointed in how this was handled.

I checked all my mailboxes including the spam/junk. I never received a notice about the EOL & Promo.

I emailed support back and forth and they said multiple times they will not honor the refund. I couldn’t believe it.

Now I’m scrambling to try and find a $150 Aeotec hub and get it here by next week to keep all my smartthings devices running.

Just wait until all these people who have Smartthings Link or Hub V1 and all their devices stop working and they don’t understand why. It’s gonna be a mess when they also discover the news that they missed the promo deadline and had no idea about it.

There will be toms of posts just like these.

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This is kind of wild - even after speaking with a supervisor, they are refusing to honor the discounted price. They are still advertising the discount on the website and via the in-app notification. Not only is that really frustrating as a customer, refusing to honor an advertised price is actually illegal!

Exactly. I have been pondering the legal ramifications as well. This was hands down shady business practice. I’ll need to read through the user agreements to verify.

Once the v1 hub and SmartThings Link, stop working there are going to be a lot of angry people who weren’t properly notified and did not get the promo.

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Already bought a Hubitat from Amazon. Will never buy another Samsung, SmartThings or Aeotec product again. Their customer service is horrible.
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I’m one of them…fuck Samsung…they told me today they won’t give the discount. I only just realized that this happened. Definitely not buying another and wont buy any of their shit again

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