Does ST Hub V3 or New AEOTEC Smartthings Hub will work in Mexico?

In order to plan the replacement…My current ADT/Smartthings Hub is working like a Swiss clock …

maybe, but dont count on support.


It will work, but you won’t get any support, and if your samsung account is set to mexico, you may not be able to use certain smartapps.


So far Mexico is not on the list of countries where support will be provided.

You can sign up on the following page to get information if they do add it:

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Okey my friend, you are right, I bet about ADT/Smartthings hub and is working great, but Smartthings New App is lacking of some smartapps, anyway I have gone around this (automations and Sharptools) and I have made a really comfortable home system, Im searching if I could bet for it again knowing no support at all, but maybe getting same result than the ADT/ST one…working fine…

Don’t worry that much, i live in Cyprus and it works just fine. Just don’t expect much from support… :slight_smile:


Hi my friend, I had noticed that WiFi/Hub device type is not listed inside Aeotec Brand in the Smartthings New App, so I wonder how did you added your Aeotec Smartthings Hub ?

try adding it as a SmartThings hub model IM6001-V3p (listed under the SmartThings brand in the app).

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