Refresh an Aeotec Humidity Sensor

I’m looking for a way to get AEOTEC ZWA039 aërQ Temperature & Humidity Sensor, Z-Wave, SmartThings, to update its polling. There is no way through the new smart thing ide that I can do this. I want to use it in the bathroom to turn a fan on. But as it won’t refresh when I want it to it just won’t turn the fan on. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

I have a couple of these. The settings are found in settings behind the 3 dots in SmartThings App. By default that device is 15 minutes. You can reduce that and you can lower the Offset, (amount of change required to send info). I will tell you these eat batteries like crazy if you make them work harder!

It may not be what you are after, but I’ve gone to a Zooz-zse44-temp-humidity-sensor for the bathroom fan. Works fine for humidity out of the box!


Mariano explains how to do it with his driver here.


You could use a battery eliminator to get around the “eating batteries like crazy” concern

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Thanks for reply. There isn’t any option on mine to change any settings when I press the 3 dots in top right corner ?

Hello. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve used the SmartThings app and the ide I used to use to change configuration has gone. There is a new one which I have logged into but it won’t allow me to change the parameters of this. And I can’t find where to check z wave devices either. I’m feel like a rookie !


This is in the SmartThings Mobile App, not the SmartThings Advanced page.

What kind of reporting interval are you using for the bathroom fan automation?

This is what I get when i click the 3 dots ??

I have no idea as I can’t find out what it is or how to change it. Very odd !

I would suggest deleting the device and re-pair it close to the hub, so that it pairs properly and picks up the settings option.

Stuck it to the ceiling … I’ll get it off. I did do it right next to the hub. So the settings option should be there I presume. It’s not any different cause I’m in the UK is it ?

If you click Driver, what do you see?

I’m using the Aeotec.

There is usually enough humidity change from shower that it triggers soon enough. You could lower the threshold if you wanted.

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Well that’s interesting. It should be a sensor I thought and not a switch … hmmmm

There should NOT be any regional difference in how drivers are chosen.

One thing I have learned it to never install a smart device until it paired properly and working.

I thought this would be easy as it’s SmartThings compatible … being aeotec which is now SmartThings … can I change it anywhere to a sensor ?

Well it’s saying one thing on the app and another in the new ide settings … strange …

If you are using the android mobile app, clear the cache and restart the app and check the driver again.