AEOTEC Temp & Humid sensor (Can't find config mode)

The manual says I can change the intervals of the sensor. But I don’t know how to get into the configuration mode to change them. Or even know where to go to do this? The sensor has been sync with smartthings V3 hub.

A community developer has created a Z wave configuration tool which will allow you to do this. It’s an edge driver, so you will first subscribe to the developer’s channel to get that driver downloaded to your hub. Here’s the author’s thread with the information about that driver:

(EDGE Driver-Mc): Z-Wave Device Config Mc

Once it’s on your hub, you go into the device details for the sensor in the smartthings app and temporarily change it to the configurator driver.

At that point, using the information from the user manual for the sensor, you can change the parameter values.

Once you have the values you want, you change the driver back to the previous driver for every day use.

Note that, since this is a battery powered device, the information may not update on the sensor itself until the next day. These requests get queued up and then handled all at once in order to save battery life.

If you want the changes to take affect sooner, again, you have to go to the user manual and find out if there is a way to “wake up“ the device in order to accept a configuration change.