AërQ Temperature & Humidity Sensor - how do I change configuration parameters

Hi, I bought few AërQ Temperature & Humidity Sensors, connected them to my ST hub without a problem and they work normaly. Although, I would like to change the check interval (I found the parameters I want to change here - https://www.smarthome.com.au/media/manuals/Aeotec-Z-Wave-aerQ-ZW009-Manual.pdf), but I am facing a problem, because I don’t know where to change those parameters . I was thinking I could create a custom DH (basicaly changing the parameters inside the DH of “Z-wave mold detector”, which is the DH the hub uses to comunicate with the sensor rn), but I could not find this DH anywhere (found this post Custom driver aërQ with Smart Home Hub / SmartThings : Aeotec Help Desk with this DH SmartThingsPublic/aeotec-aerq.groovy at aerQ · Aeotec-ccheng/SmartThingsPublic · GitHub, but its name doesn’t match the DH hub is using rn, which makes me feel that they are not the same). I also tried to find the “Z-wave mold detector” DH in the “From example” tab in “My device handlers” on the graph.api.smartthings.com, but I didn’t find it there … Could someone please help me figure this out?

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I am facing the same problem, did you find a way to change the check interval?

The Z-wave mold detector DH is here.

On Aeotec’s custom driver page, the author also posted a modified version of the Z-wave mold detector under step 1, #5.

The code seems to work, though I had to reference the user guide to fully understand what the parameters did. I updated Chris’ code descriptions based on what I read there and pushed it to GitHub: GitHub - arharvey918/aerq-sensor. Hope that helps.