Redundant things in Google Home with Philips Hue

So I have like many others Samsung SmartThings an Philips Hue bulbs.
The Hue bulbs are of course in ST so I can automate them.
I now have a Google Home, connects to both ST and also to Philips Hue.

  1. problem
    This means that I now have all the Hue bulbs TWICE in Home. Both from the Hue system, and also through ST. It looks kinda messy, and I guess it could give conflicts in some way when I ask it to change color to red in kitchen, then the kitchen bulbs would both get the directions from ST->Hue and also directly to Hue.
    So what should I do? Should I NOT connect to Hue, and just use everything through ST?

  2. problem
    I’m using Trend Setter to create groups for bulbs. The problem (when I set it up 1 year ago), Trend did not support to create ONE group through which I could control both temperature AND colors. I think I had to create both a White-group and a color-group.
    So problem/question is should I even “import” the groups into Google Home? Or only the bulbs themselves.
    Because I can forsee the problem that when I ask to set color to red in kitchen, then it will do that on both kitchen spot 1, 2 and 3 AND also on “kitchen lights group”. Meaning ALL lights associated to kitchen.
    And ideas to optimize this?

Regards Simon

In order to prevent duplication of specific devices, you need to open the Google SmartApp in your ST Mobile app and turn off the Allow Access to all devices… and manually pick and choose which devices you want Google Home (applies to Amazon Alexa as well by opening that SmartApp). The only devices from ST that you should allow GH or Alexa to discover are those devices that can’t be discovered (Hue, LIFX, etc… ) from those native apps (can’t be discovered from anywhere except ST).


Thanks WB that worked perfectly.