Philips Hue - Can three hubs be connected to ST then all seen in Google home?

Hi all. I’m desperately trying to connect three Philips hue hubs into google home. Can this be done via ST? If so, any guidance. Many thanks.

The only way to do that in Google Home is to use the Hue Matter integration. Google will not allow it any other way. ST can already handle multiple hubs. There are platform drivers, community drivers, and matter.


Thanks for your help. So I use smart things to integrate to Hue via Matter for all three hubs and then link ST and Google home?

If so, will ST naturally know there are three hubs? Thanks for any help.

If you use matter, you would not connect ST and Google. You would add Hue to ST via Matter, and then add Hue to Google via Matter. ST and Google don’t need to know about each other.

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