Smartthings, Hue, and Google Assistant

Apologies if this has already been discussed, but I couldn’t find it. I have Smartthings connected to Google Assistant and am pleased with how it all works. My lights thus far have been Lightify, but I now have Hue (well I have the bridge, the lights are arriving Saturday), and have a question about potential redundancy items. Between the original ST app and the new ST app and Google Assistant, I have had some minor issues (mostly just annoyances, not really functional issues), with things and rooms. Specifically, rooms I had set up in the original ST app, did not appear correctly in the Google Assistant (or the new ST app, though I don’t really use that). So I organized the devices in the Google Assistant settings into the correct rooms so as to be able to have controls via my Google home speakers. Now I have duplicates of most (though not all for some reason) of my rooms in the ST app, and the duplicates are actually empty (no things associated with them). Also, certain commands to Google Assistant, such as “activate scene” works, but the assistant responds by saying “activating two scenes”, though there is supposed to be only one. Again, it works, but something is obviously not correct in the communication between systems.

So my concern now is, when I add the Hue bridge, and associated lights, am I going to have a similar issue to deal with or magnify the current issue? Will Google Assistant realize that the end table light in Hue is the same as the end table light in ST or will it treat them as two lights? Will I now have three versions of each room in my ST app?

I guess the base question to this is, is there something specific I should do during the Hue setup and pairing with ST and Google Assistant that works best and is most efficient?


I have a few different systems although a large portion of my smart bulbs in the house are Hue bulbs.

That said Google assistant will see your hue lights as reported both from SmartThings and from the Hue ecosystem if you connect both Hue and SmartThings to Google assistant.

I will say that although I haven’t used GA for voice control to turn on/off lights as it was always a bit buggy when I did… I tend to use Alexa for turning on and off lights as it has always just worked.