Hue -> ST -> GH and Hue->GH ---> Redundant Lights?


I hope you got the subject :slight_smile:

So I was wondering before I continue with this setup, that is I have Hue bulbs integrated in ST, and I both connect ST to Google Home (GH) AND I connect Hue to GH, wouldn’t the Hue bulbs be in GH twice?

So when I ask GH to set a bulb to “Red”, wouldn’t that command go both through GH -> ST -> Hue, AND at the same time GH -> Hue?
Besides that would be “stupid”, I dont know if it could cause a problem somehow.

Any ideas or suggestions?

I have Smartthings connected to Alexa and Google Home but do not have Hue connected directly to either. Both Alexa and Google Home give me trouble with devices that have the same name.

Thank you for that tip. I have now removed my Hue connection :slight_smile:

Then I run into another question. I have used Trendsetter to create groups of bulbs. I use the groups in CoRE.
So I have for exmaple:
Dinnertable light 1
Dinnertable light 2
Dinnertable light group (contains 1+2)

So would that also course some redundant commands, when I ask “turn off dinnertable lights”, or “turn dinnertable lights red”.

I could ofcourse in GH, rename the group, so saying something else.

I’ve not used Tredsetter, but the same thing would apply to naming. If there are exact or very similar names GH may have to ask you which one you mean.