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Recurring issue with lost "location information"


I am new to SmarthThings (so I could be doing something wrong), but in the SmartThings App (new one) it keeps loosing my device as a location sensor. When I go to create a new automation, i get a warning "to use this condition, use location information needs to be turned on . . . " If I go into “Settings-Use location information” it shows it as “off”, when it has been on and working. If I go and turn it on again, and then go into create a new automation there will be multiple instances of my iPhone to choose from. If I check my “devices” on the hub webpage it lists multiple instances of my iPhone, but only one of them has recently connected. They all have different “user_uuid”. Any ideas?


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(jkp) #2

Best advice is to use the classic app at this point. The new app is known to lose the location setting when you set it up. I stopped using location in the new app for that same issue.


Ugh . . . Since I am new to it I just started using the new app. I will try what you said and I guess I need to install the old app on my wife’s phone as well. I guess I would need to set up both of our phones as presence sensors in the old app . . . is that correct? Thanks!

(jkp) #4

That is correct. The good news is you can use presence for more functionality in the classic app that is not currently available in the new app, such as using presence to arm/disarm smart home monitor or lock/unlock doors.

(Jimmy) #5

Yup, this is a bug on iOS that has been around since the new app came out. Make sure you email support so they know more and more people are having this issue.