Question About Cloud Video with the V2 Hub


how do you save video clips with the new V2 hub and the beta video integration?

Like for example if you need to forward a clip to the authorities etc?
will this cloud offering provide a web/browser based interface?

Video clips are stored in the smartthings cloud under your account. At the present time there is no way to download them.

and you expect people to pay for this cloud service which is pretty much useless at this stage?

I don’t expect anything, since I don’t have any connection with SmartThings other than as a customer. I just posted the link to the FAQ.

As far as what SmartThings staff expect, right now the service is free while it’s new, I don’t think they’re charging until January. So the question would be what features they offered when they did start charging.

Right now, obviously, there’s still a lot missing.

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sorry i assumed you may have worked for ST :slight_smile:

Nope, just a customer. :sunglasses:

SmartThings staff have a little blue presence sensor icon on their avatars, like @April and @slagle . (Tap their names to see the avatar.)

JD is an honorary employee :stuck_out_tongue:

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Not a chance, buddy, not a chance. LOL! Just an active community contributor. :sunglasses:


I agree, ability to offload or save video is crucial to ANY video surveillance system. Considering I have FosCams and there is no support for me to use the ST cloud video service, I cannot speak for it.

BUT, I would recommend if you can view the video in your mobile phone web browser, is to look for good video downloading apps in your respective app store. Also if you have a desktop there are tons of screen recording programs available.

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My understanding is that at the present time the clips that SmartThings stores are only viewable through the SmartThings mobile app, not a URL, which would mean since they are not currently downloadable, there’s no way to share them with, say, the police or your insurance company accept by giving those people access to your SmartThings account. I assume that will change in the future, but who knows?

If I’m wrong on this, hopefully somebody will correct me.

If anyone desperately needs to save video at the moment, a work-around might be a Screen Recording app, no requirements for urls or anything, just open the app, start recording your screen and there you have it. For android there is one called AZ Screen Recorder, I’ve used it, does what its supposed to, not sure about Apple.