Compatible camera that stores on an external hard drive?

I’m sure this is a topic that has been raised before but I’m new to smartthings and the forum so I’m struggling a bit here. I currently have a a DCS-2330L wifi camera which I am happy with apart from the fact that it can only hold a 32GB SD card. I would like a camera that I can connect to smartthings but can also connect and save it’s content on an external hard drive (preferably all wirelessly). If no such thing exists, then what’s the best alternative (cloud, etc) without having to pay a monthly subscription? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you very much

DLink makes a product that gives you NVR capability for cameras using USB hard drives.

Currently it’s $80 on Amazon

If you really want one that will expand, you can go with the 9-channel option with 2 hard drive bays.

It’s available for $190 on Amazon

I’ve had really great success with ivideon. There’s a cloud based option you can pay for or just install the server on a PC in local LAN and record to hard drive

Both great options there. Thank you very much @diehllane and @adeparker. Will research both

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I use (free) iSpy64 for all my cameras. All recordings are stored on my network drive. Events such as motion, record start/end, offline,etc can all be reported to ST via a ST endpoint smartapp. Each camera I have has a ST virtual device associated with it (i.e. virtual motion sensor) .

Thank you very much for that suggestion. What endpoint app do you use? Can you give me some more details please as I’m new to all this. Thanks again :smile:

Actually I wrote my own app to deal with devices/events/etc external to ST. The app is more than you would need but I (as well as many others here) would not find it hard to customize an app that can pickup camera events from iSpy. Basically, how my setup (for cameras) work is:

  • All my cameras are configured within iSpy.
  • iSpy manages all motion (regardless of the setting within the camera itself), recording, snapshots and stores them wherever you specify for any given camera (local drive, ftp, cloud)
  • iSpy can act upon many camera events such as motion started and ended. In my case, I setup iSpy to use “Call URL” when motion starts/ends. Such URL call may look similar to’ + clientCode + ‘/theCameras/theDeviceID/active?access_token=’ + accessCode
    This URL example calls an authorized ST smartapp (the one I wrote) which knows by the URL parameter /theCameras this is a camera event for the device (virtual motion device. see below) specified by /theCameras/theDeviceID settting its state to active via parameters /theCameras/theDeviceID/active
  • Within ST itself I created a virtual device for each camera using the Simulated Motion Sensor device type for each. The app sets the state of each of these devices depending on the parameter(s) sent by the Call URL option of iSpy. These motion sensors are as good if not better than any sensor included within my ST hub.

Hope this helps


Wow, impressive stuff! Thank you very much for taking the time to explain it thoroughly. Much appreciated :smile: