Outside Cameras for a Novice

Hi All, a newbie to smart things here so please bear with me…

I’ve purchase the hub, and 3 Indoor cameras, I’ve not set it up yet…

I also want an outdoor camera or 2, and I’ve looked at the DLINK 2330

My main requirement is for it to record and store any motion triggered video to the cloud

I cannot find an outdoor camera from what I understand to do this - what I feel a fairly simple requirement (and I understand what the indoor cameras do!)

I’m considering purchasing a YCAM outdoor bullet for this and then will just have to manage separately - but it would be nice to do all this via the Smarthings hub…



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Any cameras officially supported by SmartThings will be able to record to the cloud based on SHM events. Keep in mind, this cloud storage will eventually be an extra monthly fee.

ok thanks so i’ll go for the dlink 2330

what happens if I have more than 4 cameras ? do I have to buy another hub … 4 seems a low limit!

The limit is 4 for recording due to the fact that it all streams back to the hub continuously… This is to allow SmartThings to capture a few seconds BEFORE the alert is triggered and save it quickly to the cloud. I believe you’d need a second hub but I’m not sure how multiple hubs work on the same network (or even if they do work)…

thanks ben. good point on the streaming.

No Problem. I also have a SmartApp that will allow you to use more of the camera’s functionality. You can install it in conjunction with the default intstallation.