Can anyone suggest a UK Carbon Monoxide Detector?

Hopefully not for crazy money as a battery-operated one costs a tenner!

When I do a search for Smartthings and carbon monoxide the SmartThings Multi Sensor comes up in the results which I think is a mistake?

Thanks in advance.

Depends what you class as silly money, I’m thinking of getting a Nest Protect but not 100% on ST comparability though. However that being said, I want my alarms to work 101% of the time, so keeping separate and leaving them to their own thing might be a good idea


you could roll your own wifi version easily enough with a MQ-7 Carbon Monoxide Sensor and a Photon. cant say enough good things about them, a roll your own version would cost about £23.00 + an abs project box which are £2-3 from Maplin but would be wifi based and would need to be mains powered (5v micro USB connector). they are very easy to integrate with smartthings. I currently have a Temp, Humidity, and Combustible Gas Sensor (MQ5) i created with a photon. still trying to get a barcode reader working also on it.

thanks for taking the time to reply guys.

If you find a CO sensor with a relay output, you could wire it to a battery operated Fibaro zwave door/window sensor. I have done this with my smoke alarms and it works brilliantly

Just an FYI - The Nest Protect works well too. It’s not officially integrated, but the Nest Manager SmartApp works brilliantly!

Gotta ask (as Im too lazy to search for the app) what can you do with the protect? Just get a notification of the alarm is going off?

Pretty much. I think it can be used as a presence sensors too.

As for the alerts, I’d rather use the actual Nest app for warning, but for triggers and stuff that my life doesn’t rely on, SmartThings integrated aint that bad

Not even that very well to be honest as it needs to poll to get the info. Not great for a device where every second counts. It’s better than nothing in my view. All the fault lies on the Nest side who do not want integration outside of their controlled “works with nest” label.

I suggest that anyone considering a combined smoke and carbon monoxide detector, they exist, should first read this.
A carbon monoxide Detector should be at least 150mm from the ceiling if fitted on a wall. Apparatus located in sleeping rooms or located in rooms remote from the fuel-burning appliance should be located relatively close to the breathing zone of the occupants.
Carbon Monoxide Detectors - Installation - Safe Fire Direct
I plan ordering a Z-Wave Popp Smoke Detector With Indoor Siren - Gen5.
Like many here I am also investigating the use of SmartThings CO detector and investigating a suitable product. However, for those interested I am investigating two products that I share here.
2018 Samsung SmartThings ADT Carbon Monoxide Alarm

SC ADT WS4913 Alarm System Sensor Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector
Wireless CO Detector WS4913
If anyone has had success here please tell me.

A continuation of my search for a SmartThings Carbon Monoxide detector finds this. 2018 Z-Wave Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector by POPP

I plan ordering this product

I tend to think that our smarthome systems are far from safety and security standards, so I keep Fire and CO detectors, burglar alarm and locks OFF them!
Of course, I’d be delighted if my alarm system (Pyronix Enforcer) which also handles fire and CO) had a read-only interface to SmartThings as it has lots of sensors which I’d love to not duplicate, but I would refuse a read-write connection.
And given the frequency at which ST is down, do you really want to take the risk?

For my locks, I have taken a different approach. Invested in high quality locks, and rekeyed them to use all the same key (main doors x4 + sheds x2).
Did the same for all the bike locks (mine x2, wife x2 + kids x2).
Which means that I only have 2 keys (one for all house & sheds locks, 1 for all bike locks). And because it is a small keyring, I have no issues taking them all the time with me…