UK Smoke & CO2 Detectors

Has anyone got experience of integrating smoke and CO2 detectors in the UK? I’ve checked the list of supported things but the first alert smoke detectors that work with ST don’t appear to be available in the UK, I was just wondering if anyone had come across any others (ideally with voice annunciation).

I’m interested in this myself, have you had any luck?

I am using Nest Protects around my house and they work really well. There is a un-official device handler for them that works without issue.

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Hi @adamclark_dev Are you based in the US or Europe?
Im based in the UK and made my first ST school boy mistake and bought a First Alert device… and its only US frequency so no dice with the UK SmartThings.

Im keen to know if i get a UK NEST Smoke&CO2 sensor and use the device handler will this work for UK setups or is this region specific?


I have a Fibaro Smoke detector that is working OK.
I did have to download a DH for it.

Im after a combined Smoke & CO2 function, and if the NEST works for both in the UK with the afore mentioned Custom Device handler ill buy some.

Do these work as a stand alone device or do you need the Nest thermostat as well? I have a Tado thermostat that works really well so just looking for Smoke alarm…

Hi Ben,

Sorry for the late reply. Both of them should work fine on their own (or together).