Smoke Detectors Anyone

Can anyone tell me when Smoke Detectors will be part of the offering? Its now been months since I heard these were on somebodies desk to be tested… looks like they are still there…

I want to move from an old BG Safe and Secure system but cant until the full range of sensors is available.

I use the Fibaro FGSD-002 Smoke detectors (in the UK).
They are small (barely bigger than a hockey puck), look good and seem to work well. The only downside is you have to manually change the device type once you connect them, or you can get smart things customer centre to do it for you.
I have five running in various places through my house now.



Smoke and CO2 detectors have been there for quite some time, perhaps 2 years now. I personally use First Alert Smoke and CO2 detectors (zcombo model). They use the standard ST device handler “Z-Wave Smoke Alarm” without issue. Just join and use.

Was there a brand/vendor specifically you were inquiring about?


Just as a note, it depends on where you are too.
First Alert smoke and CO2 sensor is not currently available on the EU bandwidth.

I highly recommend the First Alert ones as well, I have the One Link ones throughout my house. I however use an Insteon hub and Smoke Alert module to communicate with them so they aren’t integrated with ST, however I have enough Insteon lights that when they go off, my whole house is lit up anyway. The Z-Wave one’s are obviously needed for ST.

I get mine through here as they are cheaper than Amazon or anywhere else I’ve found but I don’t see the Z-Wave model, might email and ask them:

These are the guys that make First Alert, they may sell under the parent brand around the world? Don’t know for sure:

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Anyone in the US getting a discount from their insurance due to connected smoke detectors other than the Nest Protect?

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A big thank you to all for the replies, Hugh the Fibaro was a good lead as it lead me to look at the Fibaro system which might be worth considering… I like the idea you can set scenarios such as when the smoke detector is activated lights are switched on to show the exit etc… all rules based which is also part of the Zipato system I found…

And thanks Michael and John for the first alert idea … I am looking at those as well… Also considered running a software solution …but cant find any Windows based software that offers both a mature and feature rich gui with rules based features and a nice smartphone app…Fibaro is close but the app is awful … doing a lot of research now but thanks for the tips etc

That’s exactly what I do in the ST app with Smart Home Monitor. Rule Machine would/should also do the same thing.

@michaelahess here is the z wave model on their site

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I got a small discount from Amica for ST sending smoke and intrusion alerts to my phone, as well as my water shut off if a leak is detected.

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Thanks everyone … went out and purchase the starter kit today… setup ok, only thing I cannot find how to do is … how do i display the temperature (say from the motion sensor ) on the dashboard???

I can see how to create rules but not how to display temp… Anyone done this.

The SmartThings mobile App doesn’t have a particularly flexible “dashboard” or Things-View currently, and you can’t select which attribute of a multi-sensor to display.

I’m co-developer of SmartTiles browser based alternative dashboard / client SmartApp, where you can have separate tiles for motion, temperature, etc… Give it a try:

Thanks for the info…I have installed SmartTiles but I have found some limitations or more likely my lack of knowledge.

First thing that concerns me is security, especially if using live video streams from legacy webcams… as the user name and password are displayed in clear text.

Second thing is a minor point and that is the layout… like it but its needs more flexibility so you can position tiles with gaps and in their groups maybe… being picky as its good already
Oh by the way drop shadow doesn’t work !!

It would be nice if the display could be multiple pages with a swipe left/right so it mimics a mobile page?

Certainly like the concept compare to the standard app … thank you … will recommend

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Thanks for the compliments and suggestions!

SmartTiles started as an experiment and labour of love by @625alex; and amazed at its popularity.

In some ways the current version is still a proof of concept… A work in progress. We’re hoping that the concept is a a product that stands out for its simplicity and utility, while being a foundation for feature growth. Stay tuned.

Hi Again.

just an update … as now deployed the system which in general I am pleased with…however I do have a few points

Thanks Micheal re the Fibaro smoke detector, got it working eventually however it as some bugs. One is when it is triggered by presence of smoke…(almost burn house down trying testing it) the dashboard shows the alert but in My Things is still states clear …!! very strange.

Also Smarttiles does not have a section in things to display for smoke detectors ??? another strange but true fact

And the really funny one… I gave my neighbor the presence sensor to accepted a delivery for me the other day… the neighbor lives across the road some 75+ metres or so away… the presence sensor showed as present in the house right until the time he came in to allow the delivery and when he left it set the alarm correctly and then showed correct status of away…

I think the ghost of the old British Gas Safe and Secure system I have just taken out is having its last laugh !!

And one last thing…can somebody please explain what the difference is between Away/Night mode and Arm/Arm stay/ disarm surely these are the same things … or am I having a blonde moment .

Thank you all >…

Hi Blondie! :grin:

  • Disarmed: No alarms will go off (hmmm… I wonder if Smoke & Leaks are a exceptions?).

  • Arm Away: House is fully armed against burglary such that any intrusion detection you list will set off the Alarm. Usually this means all doors (even some or all inside doors), windows, and inside motion sensors.

  • Arm Stay: House is armed against invasion. You’re at home and moving around. You leave out from monitoring a subset of sensors – perhaps do not monitor motion sensors or only monitor motion sensors in the garage, cellar and outside. You don’t monitor most inside doors and may skip a couple windows that you typically leave open for fresh air.


Great but what I don’t get is the difference in routine setup’s where you can set both Disarm mode and Home mode

I thought they were the same but I set a routine up with only home mode and the alarm triggered… added in the disarm and it worked so hence the confusion.

See in the app in a routine it says

Set Smart monitor to either Arm/Arm stay or disarm

But further down it says

Set the mode to

Home , Night or Away. :confused:

Smart Home Monitor (SHM) “Mode” is entirely different than Location Mode.

The second is available to activate and deactivate SmartApps or use as a variable to tweak SmartApp behavior… eg. Unless in Night Mode, don’t run SmartApps thar turn on lights when you enter a room.

If you don’t use SHM at all, then you can create a whole bunch of Location Modes and use individual SmartApps or Rule Machine to set up your own notifications or triggered alarns, etc…

There is indeed confusing overlap because Location Mode existed 2.5 years before SHM was added. SHM ignores Location Mode, I think.

I have just purchased one of these and cannot get it to associate with my v2 hub.
I see that you have these working.
How did you manage this?
Do you have a custom DH?
I have had a rummage around the forum but cannot find anything.
Any help appreciated.

Hi Bob

Its been a while so trying to remember. As I recall its a Z Wave device and I had to reset the Z Wave device exclusion a few times before it worked. Here is a link to the instructions which should be helpful.

Also be clear on which button is which on the device that can confuse you