Recommended Camera Solutions with "Post Blink"

Hi All,

So with Blink out of the picture, what’s the preferred camera system? Netgear Alro? Others to look at?

It looks like the Nest cams aren’t directly supported with Smartthings.

In my case, I’ve found my setup does not require wireless cameras (I actually had all my blink cameras powered by USB to maximize quality and clip length). So I’m okay with a solution that doesn’t require a power cord.

I have Arlo, Arlo Pro and and Arlo Pro 2 integrated into SmartThings. My integration is very simple. When my cameras detect motion, they turn on my ST connected lights. I haven’t tried any more complex integration.

The Arlo and Arlo Pro have acceptable night vision. However, Arlo Pro 2 has poor night vision. Don’t know if Arlo Pro 2’s vision can be improved in a future firmware upgrade. You might consider going with Arlo Pro over the 2, if night vision is an issue for you.

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There is no single solution that fits everyone’s needs. I would approach this from a very specific own need. What do you want to use your camera for, by integrating it with SmartThings? I personally ditched Arlo and Blink a year ago and went with Nest and never looked back.

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