Best Outdoor Camera goes to... the runner up

Engadget deemed Arlo as best outdoor camera. I picked the runner up mainly for one of the things Engadget considered it inferior. Use of a power outlet.

As for longer runs. I had Nest up and running for two years never dropped once off my network. Arlo, dropped several times in a year.

What is your preference?

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Did you keep the Arlo? I remember you posting a pic of masked furry animals in your alley I think some months back.

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I have both Arlo and Nest, and am going away from Arlo. I am wanting to like the Arlo because it integrates with ST, but I also like the always on and UI of the Nest cams. I will be ebaying the Arlos eventually.

Interesting. I haven’t added camera yet to my home automation system except for one Kuna porch light, although I do have some separate ones for my security system.

My friends who use cameras inside the house for medical monitoring all seem to like the nests because they do seem more reliable. I’ve had several friends who tried both blink and Arlo and all said they both drop off too often for that use case. But I don’t have any personal experience with them.

I also had a Kuna, at my front door porch light, but I could not get it aimed far down enough to be effective. I plan on donating it to my in-laws. I like that it had an alarm built in, at the press of a button. I will miss that.

No @JH1 helped me get rid of them. Where is he?

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Exactly my experience, plus both Arlo and Blink come with their own hub and both (at the time I ditched them) were only running on 2.4 band. Arlo hub, which is nothing more than a router, has pretty powerful antenna and you cannot change its channel. My Nests run on a “dedicated” 5 GHz network…

Nest advantages:

  • relability
  • no batteries to change
  • picture quality
  • sound quality (outdoor) not so much the indoor
  • works very well with Abode (best Nest integration on the market)
  • has Android TV app ( makes it easy to have cams on TV)

Nest disadvantages:

  • no free recording
  • some smart features only available with paid storage
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Just got the Arlo Pro this weekend, So far love it. I was able to run power to it. So far I like it, and I like that it ties into ST. I think the Picture is top notch (day and night) and the sound is crazy good. Also love the fact I can record local and I get free cloud record.


IMHO NEST just cant be beat. Especially with all the machine learning stuff they have added recently.

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Nest Cam Outdoor and Arlo Pro are two top-notch security cameras and while choosing a winner, there’s a few factors that need to be considered.

  • Arlo is a wireless security camera that might cause problems since the concept isn’t that advanced

  • Nest Cam requires Nest Aware subscription to unlock its full potential

So if you don’t plan on purchasing the Nest Aware, getting the Arlo Pro model might be a better option since it offers more functionality than Nest without the subscription.

Yes Arlo is one of the best outdoor security camera. It even works well with Amazon Alexa.

I’ve had nothing but problems with the arlo alexa integration, so have a slew of other people.
its completely unreliable. half the time its “the camera is not responding” or "waiting for netgear’.

the issue is known and has been going on for almost a year and nothing has been fixed. i would run like the wind from arlo and alexa if you want camera integration

So maybe it’s me but the thing I don’t get about the Nest outdoor cam and the Arlo are the goofy magnetic mounts. What prevents someone from walking up the the camera from a blind spot and plucking it off of the mag mount? At $200 a pop I would think it would the temptation would be pretty high. The Nest is at least tethered by it’s USB cable but that’s still pretty trivial.

Blinks were perfect for me until they screwed over the intergration with ST. Now, they are POS and I have seriously been thinking of getting rid of the 8 that I have.

I use magnetic mounts indoors only. For outdoors, get a fixed mount. The camera can still be unscrewed though, just not as easily.

Is that even an option with the Nest outdoor cam?