Blink XT Arriving today - What is recommended

So my cameras are arriving today and in light of all the latest - which I can’t believe I just came across last night.

What is the recommended replacement - Arlo ? Nest? which would be my best bet for ST support and features. I am confused by it all and want to get my cameras ordered or purchased today.

I’ve read through the major threads and just couldn’t get a clear picture of the best options for cams.

Any this and whys available?


I still use Blink. I just use multiple sync modules/virtual switch/IFTTT to achieve the functionality that I need.

Would arlo offer better integration, speed usable features?

I don’t use Arlo, but if you search you’ll find repeated outages and such. I’ve had no issues with Blink (notwithstanding their change in direction).

I would go to Amazon and do your research there as I find that they usually have dozens if not hundreds of questions/answers and reviews. By the time you are done, you should have a very good idea of the strengths and limitations of each brand.
My Arlos have worked flawlessly from day one and the Smartthings integration is great. But bear in mind that as Your hub, Arlo’s servers and Smartthings servers, you might experience a couple of second delay from the time motion is detected and the video starts recording. There are several work arounds, but that is another story.


Going to amazon doesn’t help me much on the knowledge I can get from here - I’m commited to Smartthings and maybe the blinks are still the best option …

I am assuming blink offered so much more with the DH … which is now gone … do blinks TODAY offer less feature wise to something like the Arlo?

Sometimes this site is very hard to do research on …

I never bought any Blink cameras as at the time I was buying Blink had no outdoor cameras as they do now, so I went with the Arlos. I hang out a lot on the Arlo Community forum. So many people buy cameras that don’t meet their needs because they did not do any research. Then they blame the manufacturer and want to tell everyone what a piece of junk they just purchased is.
I am just saying the Amazon Q/As and reviews pretty much let you know if the camera is right for you or not.
Your Blink cameras may be just what you need, but if not, do your research before you put down your money.


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