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Recommended Alarm Sensors to use with Konnected in EU / UK?

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Following on from my projects thread here regarding my new house build in Germany, i’m currently trying to figure out exactly which alarm sensors I should get for our electrician to wire in and need some advice.

I am planning to use Konnected to interface the alarm sensors with Smartthings but obviously rather than the way Konnected is designed to be used, to replace the alarm control panel of an existing alarm system, I intend to build a new install based around the Konnected board and purchase all the alarm sensors that I need to connect to it. I have already checked the documentation on the Konnected website but unfortunately this refers to alarm systems available in the US. Living in Germany, what I really need to know is which alarm sensors I should get that will work with Konnected and are for the EU market.

So far I have the following:

Door / Window contact sensors - These came ready fitted to all our new doors and windows and are designed to be connected to an alarm system so in theory they should work with Konnected. However as I understood it, these sensors don’t require power so should only have 2 wires but ours have 4 and in some cases 6 which I am confused about.

Motion Sensors - Would like a couple of interior 360 deg sensors for automatic light control in a few rooms in the house, and exterior sensors for activating lights at night for security purposes. Should I be looking for 12V DC sensors or 230V ones? Or should I not bother at all connecting motion sensors to Konnected just for light control and instead use occupancy sensors that can directly switch the power to the lights with a relay for Smartthings?

Smoke Detectors - As far as I understand it these need to be both hard wired and also have their own backup batteries. They should also have their own built in siren and have the option that when one is activated, it activates all the other detectors in the house. Are there any like this that are designed to work with a wired alarm system for the EU market? All I can find are smart smoke detectors that come with their own app. Also should they be 12V DC or 230V?

Alarm Siren - As I understand it I need a 12V DC alarm siren that doesn’t exceed 1.4A or 15W. Any recommendations on a good one to use?

For any suggestions pointing me the right direction or what to look for I would be very grateful!





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Konnected works great for new builds, and you never have to worry about batteries!

Standard alarm sensors are pretty much standard worldwide, with some minor differences. In general, the door/window sensors don’t require power and will have 2 wires. If you want to send a pic of your sensors I’m happy to take a look.

Motion sensors are always 12V DC and always have a NC contact. In Europe and AU they often also have a tamper circuit, which is not necessary for Konnected.

I don’t know specifically about the smoke detector market in Europe. The best way to use smoke detectors with Konnected is to use household AC powered (230V in your case) interconnected smoke detectors that have an available relay module. this should exist for most brands. These relay modules are used typically to release an emergency exit door or signal a strobe light, but also can be used for signaling a Konnected board. See:

My favorite siren for best value is the one we sell in the Konnected store:

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Sorry Nate I forgot to tag you in my original post but thankfully JDRoberts did! Regarding the open/close contact sensors, I was on site yesterday so took a few photos of the sensors we have in our doors and windows:

This is the sensor in one of the patio doors

And these are the wires coming out of it - black, blue, brown and 4 x white

The sensor on the windows look the same but only have 4 x white connections

I’ve just been doing some more digging online and found the following site in English which has the technical specs of the sensors here. From what I understand, the door sensors are also able to report tilt status which is the reason for the extra wires. There are also diagrams on there which show the functions of the different wires but it’s beyond my level of understanding. If you could have a look and see how these wires could be hooked up to Konnected it would be much appreciated!

Regarding the motion sensors, would something like this be ok to trigger inside lighting? Or do I need to find something specifically for use with an alarm system for Konnected? Also how does it work with Konnected to trigger a lighting circuit? Presumably I need to install a smart relay on the lighting circuit and then setup smartthings to trigger the relay when movement is detected on the sensor correct? Is it then possible to set a time delay to trigger the relay again when movement stops to turn off the light?

Regarding the smoke detectors, not really getting anywhere with this so i’m hoping somebody else might jump in with a recommendation for alarm system compatible smoke detectors for the EU market!

The siren looks good, will make sure to add that in when I place my order.



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Any thoughts on this???