Recommendations - Leak Sensor With Probe

I haven’t had good luck with the Honeywell Lyric sensors in terms of staying connected to ST. The dLink ones I have are no longer supported by the vendor and only worked with ST through IFTTT.

Any recommendations on a water sensor that 1) plays really well with ST and 2) has (or can accommodate) a long sensor probe that detects water along the entire length? I like these type of sensor in areas where the leak location is harder to predict.

Thanks for your help.

I really like my Fibaro Flood Sensor. It’s worked perfectly with SmartThings (up until the recent firmware release, but only impacted it reporting temperature; the leak sensor still works fine). You can use external probes with it - see page 8 of the manual. Battery life (a single A123) has been outstanding (almost 3 years).

Fibaro is good. If you don’t want to play with adding the probes yourself then get the utilitech. it is a pain to pair but it has great battery life.

I have 1 of the Fibaro and 4 of the Utilitech Water Leak sensors. I found the Utilitech to be spotty as to how well they detect water. I’ve not replaced the batteries (3 AA in those) on those yet either in 3 years.

Dome has a good sensor with probe

Thank you. Has anyone used the Fibaro with a perimeter probe that senses water the full length of the probe? All the videos on YouTube seem to use a wire with contacts at the end. Looks like the Dome probe is also one with just the contacts at the end. The HomeSeer FS100 does seem to have this type of probe, but the reviews don’t seem great.