Recommendation for a wired input sensor

New to SmartThings.

I have a device (similar to house alarm system) that has, as output, a normally opened relay connection. Upon triggering, the relay closes and the output is “shorted/closed”. When no longer triggered, the relay opens and the output is “opened” again.

I would like to monitor this device’s output with my SmartThings Hub. So basically, I want a SmartThings compatible device that will take two wires as input and be able to tell me whether the input is “opened” or “closed”

I’ve found several posts about using arduino. Are there any plug and play products that will meet my needs? Also, something not too expensive would be nice.

Any recommendations?

Yup. Look for Ecolink and Monoprice open/close sensors, and search the Community for discussions about using those with their internal screw terminals.

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I have two of the Ecolink sensors to monitor my alarm system as well. I didn’t have a direct open/closed circuit, just a 12v or off circuit, so I had to use some relays to convert to an open/closed signal.

Thanks @johnconstantelo, @destructure00, @anon36505037 for your feedback!

I’ve started researching your recommendations:

Monoprice no longer carries part #10795 (non-plus version) and now only sells part #15270 (the “plus” version). According to several reviews, the wired input for external switches on the “plus” version is not functional… :disappointed:

The Mimolite ($59.99) would work, but an overkill (more ports than I need) and quite pricey.

So I’m down to Ecolink DWZWAVE2-ECO ($23.39 amazon), and Aeon Labs ZW097 ($34.95 amazon). Both look promising. Is there additional value for the extra $11.56 for Aeon Labs ZW097? The only “significant” differences that I can find so far are:

  • the Econlink is just ZWave whereas the Aeon Labs ZW097 is ZWave Plus;
  • the Econlink has a tamper switch built-in (not needed for my case).

Am I missing something?

I can’t say much on the other sensors, however I’ve been using 2 Aeon Labs ZW097s for about a month now to monitor some dry contacts and they have been working great.

I’m using water sensors as the easiest way to interface with smartthings
I cut the end off the cable, strip the wires then put a relay between the wires, controlled by my alarm
Almost plug n play

Modified DTH to show active/inactive instead of dry/wet on the ‘Things’ page to make it look better.


HI Andy,

Which water sensors did you adapt, how reliable are they proving and whats the battery life like?


I use the Foxx Project water sensors… (I’m in the UK and until recently they had them very cheap)
However; battery life depends how you use it.
If it spends most of it’s time ‘dry’ and only occasionally going ‘wet’ then battery life is almost a year so far.
If it’s the othe way around… well… less than a week!
It seems that they don’t expect to be wet for long so run the batteries down quickly if locked on wet.

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Hi Andy,

I’m in the UK also and managed to pick up a couple of these bargain Foxx Project water sensors, seem to work a treat, thanks for the heads up.

I’m pretty new to the Smartthings world, how do you reprogram the device (or online) to change the trigger statues from Wet/Dry to something more meaningful?

Thanks in advance.


Thanks Robin, works perfectly.

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