Reliable open/close window sensor? (security grade)

Hi, I have been trying to find a reliable open/close sensor, I like these DWZWAVE2-ECO but have found over time that they give off bogus open events. I have all my devices hooked to a siren to ring of opened when armed, this has caused me to wake the house about a 1/2 doze times in the last few months, these devices seemed to be fine for about a year, then they seem to be going bad one by one. Looking through reviews of all compatible devices on amazon, there seems to be complaints on all of them. Does anyone have any suggestions of “very reliable” devices?


Not sure how you define “very reliable” but how about a hard wired contact sensor and then use an interface board such as the connected or a mimo? I used a MimoLite for many years to operate my garage door and I never had any false returns on it…which I would have noticed because they would have opened the garage door.

I had a wired alarm in my old house, I armed it every night for 17 years, it never once went off in the middle of the night, that is how I define reliable. My new house, 1 year of wireless sensors, pretty good, after that, its a random failure every few weeks. I like your idea, is it reasonable/possible to hard wire a house already built? Any suggested links?

I think so. I have a 40 year old home that I had wired all the door and window sensors with hard wired contacts. Motion and smoke detectors as well. As long as you have attic access, its easy. I have a 1-1/2 story so I had to be more strategic about it, but doable. Took 2 days.

The question I am still dealing with today is how to migrate the dumb hardwired system I put in several years ago and over to SmartThings. I like the Connected option as it fully integrates the two and I think Nate has done a great job on the product. My concern is how to operate the alarm when Samsung (or my internet) has an outage. The other option is to change out my board to a DCS panel that is Z-wave compatible. This requires a computer to run a server to authenticate and sync between the SmartThings and the alarm panel. It’s more involved, but when ST is down, it will still work.

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Interesting, I like this idea, I am going to look into hard wired more, thanks for the help!

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Hardwired would be a good way to go.

No mesh protocol Devices would be considered security grade. That’s why the new ADT/smartthings security panel uses a completely different nonmesh protocol for the sensors which are allowed to trigger an alert to the ADT monitoring center. ( those sensors, the dual logo ones, do not work with the original smartthings hub, only with the ADT/ST panel)…

I have fought with the same issue for the last couple years… Doesn’t happen all the time, and I don’t have it hooked up to a siren or anything, but I do have my thermostat set to turn off when >1 window or door is open for more than 5 minutes.

The ecolink sensors just kind of randomly decide to go open every once in a while, and the only way I get it back is to physically open and close the window or door. Gets kind of frustrating when it happens to one device or another a couple times a week.

I might have to replace some of these sensors with something else if it continues, as I don’t want to deal with it forever.

Glad it is not just me going crazy, I have started replacing these with these - NYCE NCZ-3011-HA to see if they are any better.