Garage Door Sensor?

See this guide:

Questions about the guide:

  1. Instead of a multi sensor could I use;
    A) SmartThings Open/Closed Sensor
    B) EcoLink Tilt Sensor

Both should work. I used a multi sensor rathar than match up the open/closed with a Mimolite to do the open/close

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I use the ecolink tilt sensor and it works.

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Do any of you know the status of this article?

It sounds like the Mimolite can handle both the “switch” to control open/closing of the door as well as the sensing using an open/closed sensor. I have everything wired up currently to an INSTEON garage door kit (INSTEON IOLinc + wires and the open/closed sensor) and I’d really like to keep the hard-wired setup rather than going to something like the tilt or multi sensor that require batteries.

Has this functionality been worked into SmartThings somewhere? It sounds as though at some point it was under development, but the link from the other article is no longer valid.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

@gjanes, Take a look at this thread below. My mimolite has been working great being hardwired into the switch and open/close sensor.

That sounds exactly like what I’m looking for.

I’m still very new to ST (actually doing preliminary research prior to purchasing a hub to replace my Revolv), so as a follow-up, can you explain what the code is used for?

I’m comfortable with writing and editing code, just wondering how it all works with the ST ecosystem. Do you need to compile 3rd party apps or plugins, or does it just get pasted into something within the interface?

Is the code required in this case because ST doesn’t natively support using the Mimolite hardwired to both the switch and the open/close sensor?

Thanks again.

@gjanes, no problem, and welcome to ST.

Glad to here you’re good with coding, while not a requirement for ST, it will will help you extend ST beyond the “out of the box” apps and device types and customize it to to your heart’s desire.

First, once you get your hub you’ll want to get acquainted with the developer tools, aka the IDE :

This is where you’ll find more tools to manage your hub, devices, apps, etc. It’s also where you’ll create your own device type and SmartApps. This is where all the “compiling” is done, actually more like development. In the case of the Github code I posted, you’d just copy/paste into your own device type. It’s actually quite easy.

ST does provide native support for many devices, but sometimes more complex devices have yet to get fully supported. This is the case with devices that have child devices build in, like the mimolite with its switch capabilities, open/close, and power capabilities. The Aeon powerstrip, and Philio PSM01 3-in-1 are other examples.

Once you’re in the IDE you’ll get the hang of it and understand more of what I’m talking about. Hope that helped answer some of your questions.

I’ve got it hooked up and the control (switching) seems to be working fairly well. However, the open/closed status is not updating.

I’ve got my magnetic sensor set to NC, and when I open the door the little green light on the mimolite goes off. Then when I close the garage door, the green light turns on once the magnetic sensors are within range. And once the door starts going up, the green light turns off. So from what I can tell, the mimolite is wired correctly.

I can’t figure out what I’m missing to make the device type receive the open/closed state as well as handle the switching. Any advice?

@johnconstantelo, I determined the issue appears to have been poor z-wave signal strength due to some sort of interference due to the insulation or something else in the wall, plus the cold temperature in the garage. Re-wired to get the mimolite inside the house and it appears to be working.

I have my sensor setup to be normally closed, as that seems like a better way to wire it - it will then only ever report the garage is closed if it receives the completed signal loop - therefore if a wire comes loose or something else happens, it will report the door is “Open” and signal me to investigate. I would know “Closed” is “all good”.

So I just tweaked the code to switch the actions for sensorValueEvent, which now reports the proper open/closed state for a normally closed magnetic sensor.

My only question is, what is the purpose of the “Power” logic you have built into this? It doesn’t seem to be reporting power of the Mimo, so do you have another wire hooked up to something on the opener that indicates for you that the opener has power / doesn’t have power?

Thanks for the code, this seems to be working very well now that I figured out the communications issues.

Hi @gjanes, I’m set up as normally closed as well for the same reason. The Power logic is there to let you know if the mimolite has power. It doesn’t need to be wired up any differently than you have it now, and the jumper still stays removed for momentary capabilities.

The mimolite will send an alarm if it lost power with just enough time for the hub to be able to catch it and process it. The device has enough power stored up in capacitors for that feature. Assuming you only lost power to the device and not the hub and your internet connection, you can be notified of a power drop at home.

Update your device type and publish it for yourself with the Github source in the post above because I updated it to add the Configure tile. Log out of the phone app, and force close/stop the app if you can. Now log back in and go into your device, and you’ll see Configure tile. Tap on it. It won’t do anything in the app because all it does is configure the device to send alarm reports. If you unplug power from the mimolite, the tile will update and an event will be captured: