Open/Close Gate Sensor - Proximity issue

Hi All,

Looking for some assistance. I have a home with many integrations: Smartthings, Lutron, Garagieo, Nest, Alexa, Rachio, Kasa, Harmony (it’s a slippery slope, we all know that!). Anyway - I really need a simple open close sensor on my driveway gate.

My Smartthings hub is in the middle of the house. I went outside to test the range on the zwave open/close sensor… doesnt work… too far. Then I install a zwave outlet in the front room of the house to use as a repeater - it’s literally in the room on a perimeter wall closest to the driveway gate. The gate is only 25 feet or so from this outlet. I still couldn’t get the sensor to connect.

Any of you have ideas to create a working on/off sensor for my driveway gate? I’m at a loss. Thanks!

when you change the mesh by adding devices, then you “repair” the network several times to try to make the old devices find new better routes through new devices. Did you ?

yup, repair mesh with every device install and/or location change. if that doesn’t work, look for z-wave plus sensor, like the Sensative Strips.

You could also try an outdoor zwave plug. I have one I use for Christmas lights, but removing the additional loss through the brick may do the trick. I think you can get the outdoor switch at lowes or home depot as well so you could return it if it didn’t work.

So I moved the outlet to the garage which is close to the gate. Then I got a strips. Did the repair. It still wouldn’t work. It seems like the outlet is not working as a repeater. I can bring the strips closer to the hub and it works fine.

you said it’s a zwave outlet, but it’s acting like a zigbee outlet, or broken. Can’t tell without a part#.

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