Connect wired camera system to smartthings to act as motion sensor

We currently have a wired POE security camera system. We have a camera that covers every door and these cameras are set to record on motion to a local NVR. We would like to be able to use the motion detection on these cameras as a motion sensor so when it sees motion it will trigger the light closest to the camera to turn up to full brightness. The NVR has alarm inputs and outputs on the back but I’m not sure how to make these talk to Smartthings. Would it be possible to just take a wire from the alarm out and run it to a simple open close sensor? I have included the page out of the manual that discusses the alarm input and output portion. Thank you in advance for any help or suggestions on this topic.

In general yes, there are a few z-wave contact sensors that can accept external inputs; there’s a few different brands, ecolink, Schlage, monoprice, I think they’re all the same device.

But I think in this case you’d need to have another (dumb) relay in the middle with a dry contact output. I think if there’s 12V DC going right from your NVR to the terminals on the z-wave contact sensor, you’ll fry the contact sensor.

Thanks for the quick reply. The company states the alarm ports do not provide power and just open or close the circuit. This is why I was hoping I could just wire it to a ecolink or similar open close sensor. I’m also not sure which ports to use to wire to.

I was able to wire an ecolink open close sensor to the alarm out and it is working how I want with one exception. The alarm out is a normally open output. When I change the device type to a motion sensor in the IDE it shows motion when there is none and No Motion when there is motion. Is there anyway to switch it so it shows the correct status?

Were you able to get this working? I just bought a Lorex system and want to do the same thing.

Yes, I just had to switch the code in the device handler so active would show no motion and inactive would show as motion. Works great