Recessed Downlight options? (besides Philips Hue)

I recently moved and have been setting up SmartThings throughout the house and this board has been so helpful!!

There are 5 ceiling lights that I want to switch out for SmartThings compatible lights. I was hoping to find something that I could swap out without needing to mess with the current wiring, but haven’t been able to find anything besides the Philips Hue. I’ve been trying to avoid buying a Hue Bridge because I know as soon as I get one I’m going to end up with tons of Philips things I don’t need… but if that’s the best option I’ll make it work :sweat_smile:

Halo 4 inch recessed downlights are currently installed:

Sylvania Lightify was mentioned on a couple older threads but I’m not sure it’s a good idea to buy those if the company isn’t going to be updating them after August 31. I have the Aeotec SmartThings Hub so this might not matter though?

Besides Sylvania, Hue, and Alibaba knockoffs it doesn’t seem like there are many options to ‘retrofit’ recessed downlights.

Are there other vendors I should be look at? Thanks in advance!!

The other option is to consider a smart switch and then to use whatever dumb lights you already have. That doesn’t give you RGB effects, but you didn’t say if you wanted those. It can give you on/off/dim depending on the total load on the circuit. So that might be another possibility.

Also, what country are you in? The device selection does vary.

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Correct that it won’t matter. What’s being shut off is the Lightify service which works with their gateway and app. But if you are using their devices with smartthings you use the smartthings/Aeotec hub and smartthings app instead, so the shut down wouldn’t affect you. :sunglasses: The main issue would be if you needed a replacement in the future, it probably won’t be available, you would have to switch to a different brand.

Thanks for the response! I’m located in the US.

I’ve thought about doing a “smart-dumb” lights instead but would definitely prefer RGB.

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Seems like there isn’t anything domestically that’s a good fit for this - anyone have thoughts on these overseas options?

Looks like these are all 9 or 10 watts but the current lights say 8 watts - will that be an issue? Or… should I just buy the Philips Hue?

Thanks so much!

I think the 4" size will be your biggest problem. Halo (Eaton) makes a 5/6" Zigbee downlight that I can’t exactly recommend, but have a bunch of them. They may make a 4" version, but their website isn’t the best to navigate.

Hue will likely be your most reliable, but expensive option.

Oh interesting, the Halo lights look pretty darn close

That’s a good point on 4 inch being harder to find than 6 inch, I didn’t even consider that. I might just buy one Globe Electric to see how it works - worst case it’s a wasted $15 and back to Philips?

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