Recessed Light Kits: Recommendations?

I’m going to demo and redo my kids’ room when they go to Grandma’s in August so I figured I’d put some more smart lighting in while I’m at it.

I have the Sylvania/Osram lightify temperature changing recessed lighting kits (tried just br30s but they were a hassle) in my kitchen and would love to put the color changing kits in their room.

Is everyone still using the Osram kits or am I behind the times? I got the temperature kits for about $20ea, but there’s a considerable price difference (understandably) between that and the color changing versions.
I plan on getting 6-10 kits so I’m trying to save some $$$. Thanks!

Amazon has the new Hue White recessed light for a few dollars less than the Osram/Sylvania. That one will also work with HomeKit. But you don’t get colors, just color temperature.

I don’t need those for my current project, but if the outperform the Osram lights I may use those in the living room next project. Nice!

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