Hue Phoenix Down lights (recessed spot light)

May I know if anyone successfully integrated these “Friends of Hue, Phoenix white LED Recessed spot light” (down light) with SmartThings hub v2? It’s not found in the official list of supported hue bulbs, so I am concerned if there will be any issues.

I have one arriving on Monday, will report back unless someone already has answered.

Hi David,

Thank you in advance! :grinning:

Sorry it arrived but d’oh it’s too big for the recess. So I’m returning it and therefore can’t test it.

This review suggests it will work.

I ordered a couple of these and have managed to fit one so far (the hole for the old light is very snug so will need to increase the fitting). As far as the light goes, I hadn’t read much and only realised on connecting that the recommendation is to connect via the hue bridge, which I don’t have. I tried connecting without it yesterday but with no joy, but for some reason today it popped up as a device available to configure. I can now dim it and switch on and off. I’ve decided I’m still going to get the hue bridge so I’ve got the full functionality and control as I install more hue bulbs and down lighters.

I’ve got the Hue Phoenix pendant light / plafonniere which is also not on the list but it works great (via the hub).

I have lots of these attached via the Hue Hub and all work well. No issues and have been in use a while. Mainly controlled via motion sensors.

Hi Phil,

May I know if you are using SmartThings hub v2 (UK version) and Hue Hub v2 (UK version) with the Hue Phoenix Down lights?

Yes I am using the v2 UK hub

Could I be a little cheeky please and ask for a picture or video. Want to see how the look in a real world scenario :smiley:

I like the look of them, we have a light coloured ceiling so they blend in well with the white frame. I also prefer the large light source as its not as bright as a smaller GU10 type bulb like we have in other rooms. We have just put them in the kitchen which is nice as we can have a clean white light for cooking/working and a much more relaxed yellow in the evening. Also the ability to decide which ones come on is nice rather than deciding which traditional zones we would have with light switches everywhere. For example in our hallway we have a single one on at 10% for a nightlight. The only issue I would worry about is as down lights you typically have a lot of them which means you can hit the 50 limit on the hue bridge if you do lots of rooms. I don’t think ST works with multiple bridges, when I tried it everything stopped working.

What sort of pics do you want? They look just like they do on the hue website!

These things look huge. 140mm across is massive - more like the downlights they have in the USA rather than the UK.

Personally, I think you’re better off getting some decent Philips spots on a dimmer, and then stick a z-wave dimmer controller on the circuit somewhere.

The whole point of lighting it to create layers, these just seem to be floods

I am happy to report that Hue Phoenix Down lights (recessed spot light) works seamlessly with Hue hub v2, ST hub v2, all UK version.

Any idea if I can have multiple sensors triggering the same light? E.g. for open/close sensor and motion sensor, trigger the same light.

yeah. I found Lighting Director smart app works really well. For example, Hall lights turn on if door contact sensor or hall motion sensor are triggered.

Hi Smarties

I’ve just installed the phoenix dowlighters but I’ve been told by ST support that I need a custom handler to install them, was this the same for you and if so do you have any code you can share?



Have put some details about how I got it to work in this thread.

Perfect, I thought the fix would be something like that but was beyond my abilities. Out of interest is the status reporting working correctly for you

Status reporting in terms of the lights reporting their on / off state / temperate etc? Seems to be working fine.

sorry for late reply, previously only spotlights were able to be added, now all my phoenix downlights can be added without using any custom handlers.