Receptacle with power allownace

Looking for a receptacle - not a plug in walwart, that has power monitoring, if one exists. All I’ve used are the GE ones.

US, right? Not UK?

You can always use one of the in wall micros as long as it can handle the draw requirements. In the US most receptacles are up to 15 A. I believe in the UK it’s 13. That lets out the fibaro modules, but aeon Labs makes some.

Beyond that, give me a minute and I’ll see what I can find.

(The Quirky Outlink used to be an option, but its energy reporting no longer works with SmartThings. :disappointed_relieved:)

It’s for a new install/project I’m contemplating. Will need 2. I can always use a couple of the IRIS ones, but in wall - or more likely , in a double Bell box is cleaner.

Doesn’t 1 of the micros have 2 channels? If so, that might be cheaper. Size is actually no issue at all as I’m fabbing something.

OK, enerwave has a brand-new Z wave plus model with one networked socket and one nonnetworked and energy monitoring on the networked socket. Product Identifier: ZWN-15RM

But I don’t know who’s selling it, it’s brand-new.

One thing to be aware of: real-time energy monitoring doesn’t really fit the mesh model. There have been multiple reports that devices which do frequent energy reports, basically under a minute, both the cause the device to no longer be useful as a repeater and sometimes may cause flooding of the network. So I’m not saying don’t use these, but I am saying be aware that if you’re expecting frequent usage reports, that is taking up mesh traffic.

Some of them do. SmartenIT has a dual with up to 15 A on each one. It’s a pretty big device, but it can work well if you have the space. It’s popular for pool equipment.

Vision has a dual micro which is popular for lighting, but should not be used for an in wall receptacle as it can’t handle the amperage.

I think the aeotec dual is also just for lighting, but you can use two of their motor control or heavy duty micros if you have the space.

Doesn’t look like much for sales info.

Any micro you recommend?

I’m currently using 5 of the Iris with no issue. Not even using the Zwave repeater and them and a few bulbs are all my
Zigbee stuff - so far. The DTH I’m using you can change the polling as well.

All the micros have pluses and minuses, it just depends on the exact features you want. The smartenIT has the best weatherproofing but only goes up to 30 A. And of course it’s Zigbee. The aeotec can handle up to 40 A, but doesn’t have the weatherproofing, and I don’t think The heavy duty model comes in a dual format. And it’s Z wave. Both good devices, but they may meet different use cases.

15a is plenty. No dimmer - just some under water floodlights and a small pool pump. It will all be inside and switching the line running outside - GFCI in the main box. Getting ready for a Summer project.

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