Recently set up Galaxy SmartTag chirps at random intervals

Just bought a 4-pack of Galaxy SmartTags and set up the first one. Installation went ok, but did have to retry a couple of times to get the tag connected and registered to my Samsung account. It is showing up in SmartThings on my A50 phone and even was auto detected and installed in Alexa. So everything is good EXCEPT - the tag is intermittently chirping. The timing is random, not at a specific interval. The chirp is a 3 tone chirp and I can’t get it to stop. I tried deleting the tag from SmartThings, removing the battery and starting over but it is doing the same thing. Unless someone can tell me how to get the thing to be quiet, they are going back.

I would try a new battery. If this doesn’t fix the issue you most likely have a defective tag

Thanks for the suggestion Troy. I set up the other 3 trackers in the set and they work perfectly with no chirping problems. I put in a new battery in the black one and still chirped. Even deleted and reset it again with the new battery and still random chirping so it is definitely a defective tracker.

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In my past experiences, Samsung has been great with replacements. Just give them a call and theyll m I st likely ship you a new one