Recent presence glitches?

Yesterday afternoon on June 6th 2016, I noticed unusual ‘presence detection’ behavior from my iPhone. I have “Lighting Automation” rule that powers up a dehumidifer when all iPhones (2 on this account) are not present. I was at home and observed the dehumidifier power up. When I looked at the app, it indicated my presence as away.

This morning (June 7th 2016), I was woken by my security alarm and lights at approx 5AM in the morning. My SmartHome Monitor is set to armed (away) state by the ‘Goodbye’ routine which gets run by lack of presence on two phones (1 phone was not present, but the other one was).

I have removed Siren from SmartHome Monitor so I don’t get woken up again. Anybody else seeing this? I’ve filed a support ticket already.

I don’t think phone is a good replacement for the real presence token, it used approximate GPS loc, the moment the GPS loc get blocked by a thick cloud or anything, you are out from yr house.

Similar issue on Android phone, it go down to the device GPS reporting

It should go on last know location, I had these issues back in December but it went away with updates back then.

How big is your geofence? Is it the same phone not reporting? May need to kill and reopen the app. My wife kills ST app and it kills he background process and causes reporting to stop.

I’ve never had issues (where my alarm goes off) due to lack of presence before. I’ve looked at some troubleshooting pages the support person sent me and they all seem like reasonable stuff (location setting to ‘Always’, correct location for geofence, etc).

My geofence seemed reasonably large ( ~1500 ft), but my reception at home isn’t great (1-2 bars). I’ll increase the geofence and cross my fingers. :wink: Thanks.

1500 ft is not that large. If using Wifi/cell tower to determine location it can easily move out of that area. Most of the time GPS is not running unless the app is in the foreground, and the devices use wifi/cell towers to get ‘close’

Hell my app isnt working at all!!!

anyone know how to fix. It shows that I am here, but when I hit lock or unlock nothing is happenign anymore… Basically all of my smarthings are now dumb

Reboot your hub and look at live logging.

Same problem. Mine started yesterday afternoon Jun 8th. Never had a problem with these presence device before. Nothing changed on my end. Geofence the same as it was two years ago.

See my post here: