Receive Armed/Disarmed/Alarm Status from Honeywell Vista 21IP with Tuxedo keypad

Hey guys, I’m new to these forums but am pretty excited to become a more active member. Just to preface my question I did search the forums and did find several articles but did not find any that were very straight forward. One did have a video walkthrough but it was not very specific whether or not it would work for a 20 or 21IP setup.

My Question
Is it possible receive simple ARMED/DISARMED status from a non cloud connected Honeywell Vista security system to be used by ST Hub? I simply want to be able to perform automations based on whether the system is in the Armed/Disarmed/Alarm state.

Thanks for the assistance.


I have the same exact question. I read a lot about integrating the Tuxedo Touch and people interested in using ST to control the Tuxedo. Like the original poster, I’m not interested in controlling the Tuxedo, but I’d like to make lighting and thermostat decisions based on the Tuxedo’s status (away/stay/night/disarmed).